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Despite its central Kyoto location, tucked behind modern office blocks, close to the Kyoto Imperial Palace and Nijojo Castle, Yoshikawa is an oasis of calm and authenticity.

The former residence of a wealthy merchant, this deluxe ryokan is everything you imagine a traditional Japanese home to be. Kimono clad maids drift around discreetly, the beautifully landscaped garden features a koi carp filled pond and interiors strike the perfect balance between authentic simplicity and refined luxury.

Offering views of the courtyard or gardens, the eight rooms are modestly furnished: think tatami mat floors and traditional shoji paper screens, with a futon bed laid out on the floor every evening. Each room features a private bathroom, complete with a cedar wood bathtub – taking a bath is an experience in itself.

Aside from its ‘omotenashi’ (look it up!), Yoshikawa is additionally renowned for its cuisine and the adjoining tempura bar is well-known throughout Kyoto for its light, non-greasy tempura, served freshly cooked. Equally delicious is the Kaiseki – traditional multi-course dinner – that can be enjoyed in a private Tatami Room overlooking the gardens.

We Say
This luxury ryokan is understandably popular: early booking recommended. If you don’t get to stay here, then a visit to its famous Tempura Bar is essential whilst in Kyoto.



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  • Your Accommodation
    • 8 Rooms
    • Traditional Rykokan amenities
  • Eating & Drinking
    • Tempura Counter Bar
    • Private Tatami Room
  • Leisure & Relaxation
    • Landscaped garden

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