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Sankara Hotel & Spa


Seclusion, ocean views, pristine forests and a majestic mountain backdrop: this hotel has confidently taken the best position on this mysterious, remote island. Its rooms don’t come cheap, but a stay here includes an enveloping level of omotenashi that’ll make you feel completely cared for. Some might prefer a more rustic experience, but for those who crave a bit of polished teak and high-end luxury, this is where it’s at. 

A selection of suites and villas are clustered amid lush forest, with views over the treetops towards the ocean horizon. The aesthetic combines traditional Japanese style with modern design, creating a sense of calm order throughout. Nature and seasonality are integral to the experience, and the outdoors is brought inside wherever possible through wide expanses of glass. You can even relax in the bath with uninterrupted forest panoramas. Bliss.


In a secluded position on the south east of Yakushima, you’ll arrive by air or ferry from the mainland. There are a number of attractions within 10-20 minutes of the hotel, and the farthest is just an hour away.

A little more detail

  • French-inspired fusion food. 

  • Full service spa & pool

  • Small cars & bicycles for hire

  • Over-15s only

From a client…

Utterly magical. The views are spectacular, but it’s the staff that really make it. I don’t think we have ever felt so accommodated.

Image gallery

Dining area at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Dining area at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Spa treatment room at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Treatment room at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Villa in the jungle at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Villa in the jungle at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Villa at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Villa at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Pool at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Pool at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Chef with BBQ at Sankara Hotel & Spa
BBQ at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Pool at sunset at Sankara Hotel & Spa
Sunset at Sankara Hotel & Spa

Why we love it

Discover what to expect from staying at Sankara Hotel & Spa


The star of the show is, of course, Yakushima itself. Although relatively few visitors make it to the island, it’s home to this extremely high-end property which, amongst other things, serves delicious Japanese-French fusion cuisine. It's all a bit surreal! 

Nature performs its seasonal show and the primeval forest surrounds... One movement and you almost expect a dinosaur to reveal itself (though, in reality, it’s more likely to be a monkey!). It’s easy to imagine Richard Attenborough making his way down the steps to greet you...

Mountains and walkways on Yakushima Island

What can you do there?

The Sankara is somewhere you can spend languid days just reveling in the majestic scenery, swimming in the pool, and relaxing. However, you’re on the extraordinary Yakushima Island, so most people will spend some time hiking, and mountain bikes are available to hire from the hotel too. Conveniently, you’re also able to hire small Toyota cars from the hotel to help you explore the island (be sure to bring your international licence).

Man trekking in the jungle

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Following Ancient Trails

Wander along the ancient trails of Kumano Kodo and its spiritual shrines, enjoying the peaceful, and enchanting surroundings as well as taking in the hospitality of local families along the way.

Price from: £4,990 US$5,790
Ideal length 17 days
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