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Cambodia travel guides

Cambodia is a country of complex contrasts, iconic silhouettes and unexpected details. From the atmospheric ruins peppering the jungle around Angkor Wat to the cutting edge outlines adding to Phnom Penh’s evolving skyline, Cambodia’s history is very much a part of its present, and its combination of solemn tragedy, deep tradition and ancient grandeur demands more than a cursory glance. Take journeys that amble rather than rush. Watch the Mekong wind through undeveloped jungle and quiet towns, try adventurous street foods, and savour conversations with locals that reveal the layers of Cambodia’s diverse story.

Our big three in Cambodia

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Angkor’s outliers

An excellent way to avoid the crowds at Angkor Wat is to head to some of the surrounding temple ruins, many of which are still being unearthed and reclaimed from the surrounding jungle. Sites such as Beng Mealea and Koh Ker are truly impressive, and just as evocative as the more popular temples close to Siem Reap, but you can experience them pretty much on your own without having to nudge elbows for photo ops. If you can set aside a day to expand your Angkor horizons, and incorporate the two hour drive to Koh Ker from Siem Reap, you'll be treated to some of the greatest temple treasures that the region has to offer.

Koh Ker

Southern island isolation

Cambodia’s southern coastline is peppered with tropical island hideaways; picture-perfect pockets of paradise where you can turn off the tech and tune into nature. Tiny Koh Krabey has been transformed into an idyll for anyone seeking solace, with a stay at the uber-luxury Six Senses resort topping many responsible travel wish lists, and the Song Saa private island is the creme-de-la-creme for discerning travellers looking to get away from it all. Larger Koh Rong, and little sister Koh Rong Samloem, whilst still holding onto some of their vintage backpacker vibes, are now home to a couple of truly world-class resorts, while unassuming little Koh Russey is secluded, sumptuous and serene. Take your pick…

Royal Sands

North-eastern delights

The potential for walking to waterfalls, including two-tiered Bou Sraa - at their fullest after the rains - is outstanding, and donning hiking boots in Mondulkiri is a must. If you prefer to see it all from above, the lookout point on Phnom Bai Chow provides perfect panoramas across the undulating Sea Forest. Despite the remote nature of the region, it's still inhabited, and a visit to a traditional Banong village with one of our Cambodian friends is always an unforgettable experience. Although this is remote with a capital ‘R’, and nigh on impossible to reach during the May-October rainy season, it's well worth the endeavour.

Elephant in Mondulkiri

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Cambodia Encompassed

Discover the true breadth of Cambodian culture by exploring the Angkor Temples, bustling Phnom Penh before heading to the Cardamon Mountains and rounding up with a few days on Cambodia’s islands.

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