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Easy riding

There are two archetypal ways to get around Cambodia — by boat and by bike. Navigating the Mekong by boat might take a bit more practise, but cycling in Cambodia is a straightforward way to make the most of this scenic country.

Settle into the local rhythms as you explore Cambodia by bike, with options to suit all abilities and enthusiasms. You'll set the pace, whether taking in a few temples on a two-hour trip, or going ‘full lycra’ on a fortnight's journey. Routes range from gentle pedalling between villages along flat rural lanes, to bunny-hopping over tree roots on mud tracks that are either rather squishy or enjoyably lumpy, depending on how recently it has monsooned!

Cycling in Cambodia
Cycling in Cambodia

The time you spend in the saddle is up to you. Set aside a couple of hours for pottering around temples, take on a cross-country cycle trip that carries you far from the beaten path, or opt for anything in between. A pre-dawn cycle is one of our favourite ways to earn that fabled Angkor sunrise, and bikes are perfect for immersing yourself unobtrusively in Cambodia's National Parks.

Selective Asia founder Nick loves to get out on his bike in Cambodia. He says that its dusty countryside trails make perfect cycling terrain, well away from vehicles (other than the odd ox cart), and you can cycle for days without meeting anyone other than welcoming village children, or passing any buildings more than one storey high…

Whatever kind of cycling trip you choose, you’ll be accompanied by a friendly and knowledgeable guide who’ll show you parts of Cambodia that visitors rarely see. Most importantly, you’re in charge. Stop to explore whatever catches your eye, and take a break if you run out of steam. Your guide will tailor things to accommodate your needs, and can factor in free time for you to explore independently.

On a multi-day trip, you’ll be fully supported by a vehicle at all times, meaning anyone in your party can take a break if needed, or even kick back for a day while the more enthusiastic keep pedalling. Our cycling trips are designed to be exciting, not back-breaking, so the pace will be leisurely enough to watch local life unfold around you.

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