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SeaTrek: A deeper sail through Indonesian waters

Indonesia’s sapphire seas are easy fodder for the imagination, conjuring the romance and excitement of pristine shorelines, hidden coves, wide horizons and an underwater world teeming with life waiting just below the glittering surface… 

Cutting a path gently through the archipelago’s ocean wilderness in a traditional-style vessel, manned by a local crew with a deep understanding of the routes they charter and the layout of the marinescape and its delicate ecosystems, offers a deeper look at this region’s extraordinary environment.

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During your cruise you will:

A deeper dive…

There are dozens of different ways to sail through Indonesia’s extraordinary waters, but SeaTrek sets the bar high. This is archipelago cruising done right, giving guests a truly immersive experience whilst maintaining a firm focus on bringing awareness, funding and initiative to conservation projects in the region. 

These trips go way beyond day-trip sailing, with each 8-day plus journey following a different route around the archipelago depending on the time of year. During Indonesia’s dry season, from April to October, the focus is on the southern islands of Bali, Komodo and Flores, and when the monsoon winds blow from September to March, the ships head north-east to sail around West Papua, Raja Ampat and the enticing ‘spice islands’.

Each route heralds different possibilities. Swim and snorkel inside echoey caverns dripping with stalactites or in a lake filled with thousands of stingless jellyfish. Stroll along island streets filled with colourful houses, crumbling forts and bustling markets and bite into freshly-baked bread scented with nutmeg. See the bones of a heritage phinisi boat that’s being built by hand, dive beneath the glittering ocean surface to discover vibrant coral reefs, and savour the freshest seafood at one of SeaTrek’s renowned barbecues under the stars.

Embracing the unexpected is all part of the package as the weather and conditions always have the potential to bring last-minute changes! Additionally, if there’s something special occurring nearby, your crew will sometimes give you the option to take a detour and catch an unscheduled moment, such as watching a pod of manta rays winging their way through the waves.

Wild at heart…

Front and centre of every SeaTrek journey are Indonesia’s varied landscapes and marinescapes, and their resident wildlife. From catching sight of a Komodo Dragon slinking along a deserted shoreline, to sharing your swimming space with sea turtles, to walking through misty forests listening to the sounds of the songbirds, each day aboard brings different encounters. 

However, SeaTrek experiences are never a one-way street. Alongside creating locally-curated, sensitively chosen opportunities to encounter Indonesia’s wildlife and culture, the organisation offers expert-led presentations about the ecosystems, wildlife, geography, traditions and history of each area which give you a much more detailed understanding of the region’s animals, the environments they inhabit, and the local communities thriving off the land and sea. 

Learn more about the vital work of some of the region’s conservation projects, from rainforest restoration to coral nurseries, discover forward-thinking practices at a village pioneering municipal solar power and sustainable fishing, and come away with a better understanding of the symbiotic nature of Indonesia’s marine-centred network.

Be inspired by our SeaTrek sailing journey…

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Sailing Indonesia

Travelling by sea shows you Indonesia from a whole new angle and it gives you both the flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace and discover some of its most secluded and remote shores.

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