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Private island escapes

With 18,307 islands in its archipelago, Indonesia is the ideal place to find a beautiful tropical island that you can have absolutely all to yourself. We can organise a stay on one of several private atolls and islets, with stylish accommodation and a pick-up boat just a call away. Ideal for true romance or a very special occasion, with time spent snorkelling through rainbow-coloured coral gardens, taking sunset walks on sandy beaches, or snoozing in the warm shade of coconut palms.

Amanwana Indonesia
Amanwana Indonesia
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What to expect on a private island escape...

There are secret island hideaways sprinkled throughout Indonesia’s seas, each one home to golden shores, swaying palms and just one single place to stay. These private islands are exclusive escapes from absolutely everything, designed to bring your deserted island daydreams into reality. Whether you’re a devoted diver, wilderness explorer or seeking utterly private romance, there will be a tiny island with your name on it.

Not many places can be accurately described as jaw-dropping, but Kura Kura is one of them. Stranded on its own island within Karimunjawa National Marine Park, Kura Kura is the last word in tropical luxury. Unlike Robinson Crusoe, you’ll find a deluxe jungle cottage, a private plunge pool, fruity cocktails, fresh seafood and a spa menu as long as your arm. It’s all of the castaway with none of the compromise - the very best of both worlds. 

If you’re on the lookout for adventure, search no further than Amanwana. Situated to the east of Bali, on the island of Moyo, Amanwana means ‘peaceful forest’ and it more than lives up to its name. A true wilderness escape, the luxury tents here are buried in the jungle, surrounded by wildlife and waterfalls. Here, you can snorkel in peace through protected reefs and trek through the lush jungle of the island. It’s somewhere to soak up the natural beauty and delight in the 'simple' life.

Divers can head for the Komodo Resort, just 6 miles from the coast of Komodo. It’s a miniature island mecca for serious divers and you’ll see why as soon as you take the plunge. The underwater world is bursting with bright coral gardens, shimmying shoals of tropical fish and swooping manta rays. You’ll stay in a teak bungalow only footsteps from the beach, with your own private terrace facing the sea. When you’re not exploring the deep, you can take a trip to meet Komodo’s legendary dragons.

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