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Wow Borneo

Kalimantan waterways

The jungles of Kalimantan are dense and lush, home to a cornucopia of plants and animals that make the forests sing with life. Though the jungle is impenetrable in places on foot, if you take to the river it’s a different story. Wow Borneo’s traditional-style, wooden riverboats cruise smoothly through central Kalimantan’s winding waterways, taking you deeper into the wild landscape. 

The boats range in size from 3-5 cabins, allowing a handful of passengers to spend a few nights on board, waking each morning to the jungle’s unique sounds and stargazing from the deck by night. The cabins are cosy but simple, with plenty of space on deck to sit and watch the world go by and enjoy meals together with your fellow travellers. Wind your way up the river watching the banks for wildlife. Keep a look out for proboscis monkeys, macaques, hornbills, wild boars and, of course, that elusive flash of tawny fur that signals the arrival of an orangutan.


Choose from three cruise routes in central Kalimantan on the Rungan River, the Katingan River in Sebangau National Park, and through Tanjung Puting National Park.

A little more detail

  • Traditional wooden riverboats

  • Simple cabins

  • Home-cooked meals

  • Orangutan & wildlife watching

From a client…

Seeing the jungle from the river was awe-inspiring, an experience we’ll never forget. The crew were fantastic too.

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Boat on river with jungle
Meandering down the river with Wow Borneo
On-boat dining with Wow Borneo
On-boat dining with Wow Borneo
Riverboat cruises with Wow Borneo
Riverboat cruises with Wow Borneo
Lunch on board with Wow Borneo
Lunch on board with Wow Borneo
Cabin on Wow Borneo boat
Cabin on Wow Borneo boat

Why we love it

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Get up close

Getting to see Kalimantan’s extraordinary jungle landscape is one of Asia’s great experiences, and there’s no better way to do so than by riverboat cruise. Travelling by river gets you as close as can be to the region’s diverse wildlife, and gives you the rare chance to observe orangutans in their natural habitat.

Group of people in boat

What can you do there?

Sit on deck watching the riverbank for wildlife, and see orangutans in their natural environment. Visit local communities to learn about life in the rainforest, explore the river by motorised canoe, and immerse yourself in one of the world’s most extraordinary environments.

Couple sat on deck

Social Responsibility

Wow Borneo has social responsibility at the heart of its ethos. They source local produce, and employ local crew, as well as supporting several community projects. Their newest vessel uses solar power to minimise their carbon footprint. These cruises are great for families with older kids who are keen to see more of Kalimantan’s wildlife. 

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Price from: £3,890 US$4,390
Ideal length 17 days
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