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6 short, sweet guides to South-East Asian etiquette

by Guest author on 14th October 2014

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Adopting local etiquette when travelling can make the difference between a touristy trip and truly making a connection with your hosts.

But would-be travellers are often daunted by lists of complex social rules, and end up afraid to make mistakes. We want to help you learn local codes of conduct more easily.

In many countries we see funny etiquette posters, mainly on public transport (and sometimes in public toilets), that encourage passengers to keep the journey pleasant for everyone on board.

These posters from the Tokyo Metro are particularly... inspiring?

They’re certainly memorable - and they make us smile - so we asked Brighton-based illustrator Iain Buchanan to help us create six South-East Asia etiquette posters of our own. We think he’s done a lovely job.

If you travel with us you’ll also find access to lots of etiquette advice in our Departure Lounge, and via our new travel app.