The Katharina

Komodo National Park | Superior

A modern vessel built to a 500-year-old Indonesian design, the beautiful Katharina offers eight-day cruises between Bali, Komodo and Flores and can also be chartered for a truly exclusive adventure.

The air-conditioned cabins are presented in a charming style that might be described as ‘cottagey’ if it weren’t on board a yacht. White walls create a sense of space and contrast with the dark polished wooden furnishings and colourful regional textiles. Each cabin has its own cozy, private bathroom with shower, wash basin and toilet, and offers locally-made toiletries.

Dine on deck on top quality local dishes, lounge on the sundeck (it’s even possible to sleep on deck at night, if desired), and enjoy unlimited use of the ship’s snorkelling equipment, sea canoes and stand-up paddle boards as the Katharina cruises leisurely between Bali and the Komodo National Marine Park.

We Say
Gorgeous boat with comprehensive routes between Bali and Flores


Komodo National Park

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  • Your Accommodation
    • 6 en-suite cabins
  • Eating & Drinking
    • Dine on deck
  • Leisure & Relaxation
    • Sundeck
    • Snorkelling
    • Sea canoes
    • Stand-up paddle boards
    • Salon with bar & TV
    • Library

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