Tarsiers & the Chocolate Hills on Bohol Island

The beautiful island of Bohol, in the southern Philippines, is home to the tiny tarsier and famous for a striking natural feature - the Chocolate Hills. During this experience, you’ll visit a tarsier conservation centre where you’re virtually guaranteed to see the little primates, climb one of the Chocolate Hills, and head out onto the Loboc River, sliding through the enchanting countryside while you enjoy a classic local meal.

The 20 square miles Chocolate Hills region is named for its softly conical hills, whose turf turns chocolate brown during the dry season. It’s an impressive sight, especially when you’re approaching the region, and from the viewing platform atop one of the cones, which you’ll climb up to during your time here.

The province is home to the tarsier - known on Bohol as the mamag - which is one of the world’s smallest primates, and depends entirely on conservation to avoid extinction. The tarsier’s velvety body ranges from 10cm - 15cm, but its eyeballs are a relatively huge 1.6cm.

If your own eyes were 10% of your body’s length it’d be the Snapchat filter of nightmares, but for the furry tarsier the big-eyed-but-tiny look is pretty cute, in most people’s books! Total silence is required in the conservation habitat, where the tarsiers are regularly monitored by dedicated staff. The guides keep track of the tarsiers’ whereabouts, so will be able to lead you straight to them, and will help you take photos without disturbing the animals.

Afterwards you’ll head into the hills and up to a hilltop viewing platform to take in the view. Having practised your landscape photography skills, you’ll be taken to the Loboc River to board your riverboat - and lunch or dinner venue - for a leisurely tour through the towns of Loboc, Laoay and Bilar, and wave at the locals as they go about daily life on the riverbank.

Location: Bohol Island, the Philippines

Duration: half a day

Accommodation: Your choice of Philippines accommodation

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'A lovely leisurely day that shows you several of Bohol’s most fascinating sights'.

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Danielle counted a good 200 steps up to the Chocolate Hills viewing platform, so you will need strong thighs and good lung capacity for that part of this experience!

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