Taiko drumming lesson in Kyoto or Tokyo

Get in the rhythm with this exhilarating Taiko drumming experience, which will teach you the ancient art of Japanese war drumming, with a demonstration by one of Japan’s leading drumming troupes. Ideal for kids and adults alike, the drum lesson can take place in Kyoto or Tokyo, and its grand finale will be you joining the kumi-daiko ensemble for a spine-tingling group drumming session.

What to expect from your Taiko drumming lesson...

Taiko drumming has been a Japanese tradition for about about 1.5 thousand years, so it has pedigree! Broad barrel drums are thrummed with chunky sticks for a booming sound which was used in the past to rally troops, send messages across the countryside, and add drama to religious ceremonies and theatrical performances.

These days, the ensemble drumming style known as kumi-daiko has become a well recognised artform, and lends itself particularly well to group performances, and taking part in an exhilarating kumi-daiko session will be the climax of your taiko experience.

Whether you’re a beatmaster or rhythmically challenged, we’re certain you’ll have fun with this one! Your taiko drumming experience will start with meeting your teacher, an experienced Japanese taiko drummer.

The morning will start with a short performance by the pros - to inspire you, and maybe challenge you just a little!

Once you’ve heard how it should be done, it’s time for your hands-on lesson, starting with the proper handling of the bachi (sticks), and step-by-step instruction on the different ways you can beat the drum.

You’ll get plenty of time to ask questions and gain a deeper insight into this ancient instrument and the skill required to play it - not to mention practise getting it right before it’s time to play as a group!

Join the kumi-daiko for your grand finale, before heading off into the city for a well-earned meal.

Location: Kyoto or Tokyo

Duration: a morning


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Louise says...

'A fun and informative morning spent making a lot of noise with an ancient Japanese drum!'

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