Scenic helicopter flight... to Mount Everest

Towering high over the Himalayan horizon, Mount Everest retains a unique magnetism that draws explorers from all corners of the globe to feel the exhilaration of conquering its slopes. Although actually climbing the world’s highest mountain might not be an option, a high-altitude helicopter flight offers an alternative experience of this enigmatic region. Soar over the foothills and into the clouds for unbeatable, close-up views of Everest’s legendary summit.

What to expect on the helicopter flight...

For many visitors to Nepal, a trip to see Mount Everest is the ultimate goal. Though a trek to base camp is worth every moment, it requires a certain level of physical fitness, and several days to dedicate to the journey. For those who yearn to see the summit, but don’t have the luxuries of time and energy, a helicopter round-trip from Kathmandu is an ideal option.

Early in the morning, as the dawn mists evaporate and snowy peaks appear on the horizon, you’ll set out by helicopter on the first leg of your journey from Kathmandu to the small town of Lakla. On route, you’ll fly over villages and green fields, seeing the region’s rice terraces laid out below as the hills grow ever higher. After a brief landing to refuel in Lakla, you’ll take off in earnest towards Everest. As you draw closer, the sheer scale of the mountain, its historical significance and the emotional legacy of those who have gone before, become palpable.

After a brief stop to regroup at Syangboche, the nearest stop to Everest Base Camp, you’ll fly on to your final stop at Kala Patthar, a promontory on the south ridge of Pumori, ‘the Mountain Daughter’. Meaning ‘black rock’ in Hindi and Nepali, Kala Patthar is just 8 km from Everest and has a perfect view of its distinctive summit.

Your stop here will be fairly brief, as having ascended to over 5,550m in a matter of minutes you won’t have acclimatised to the altitude, but there will be plenty of time to take in the awesome spectacle, and get a few precious photos, before climbing aboard the helicopter to begin your descent.

Once landed back at Syangboche, you’ll head to the Everest View Hotel for breakfast on the terrace, looking up at the mountain you were so close to only minutes before, and sharing your recollections of this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Location: Kathmandu to Everest

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Accommodation: Your choice of accommodation in Kathmandu

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Ed says...

‘Aside from the spectacular mountain and hill views, the helicopter ride itself is exhilarating, and will likely become an all-time favourite travel memory...’


This experience is ideal for anyone who wishes to see Mount Everest but is unable, or doesn’t wish, to hike to base camp. This is very much a luxury experience, and the pricing reflects this.

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