Private guided tour of Mehrangarh Fort

Rising formidably from the steep rocks that loom over Jodhpur’s rooftops, the Mehrangarh Fort brims with historic splendor. In the late afternoon, once the fort and museum have been closed to the public, you’ll set out on an exclusive private tour with the head curator. Learn about the fort’s opulent past and gain access to behind-the-scenes areas, then enjoy a private dinner as you watch the sun set over this magnificent landmark.

What to expect on your private guided tour...

Mehrangarh Fort’s enduring, 70 ft thick walls are full of inspiring tales and eye-catching treasures. At either end of the day, when those walls shine in the low sunlight, it spectacularly lives up to its name: Mehrangarh, ‘fort of the sun’.

Built by one of Rajasthan’s powerful aristocratic dynasties, the fort has been a military base, champion of the arts, palatial home for ruling families, and hub for worship, for centuries. Every room has been beautifully preserved to display its full regal grandeur. 

Arriving at 5pm, as the last of the day’s visitors wend their way home, you’ll be handed a glass of champagne to sip while you gaze across the ramparts at Jodhpur’s famous blue rooftops. As the late afternoon sun warms the walls to a golden glow, and a stillness descends upon the fort, the head curator will greet you and lead you inside.

This tour is personal and exclusive - just you and your travelling companions with the curator’s undivided attention. Walk through doors usually locked to the public and immerse yourself in the splendour of secret spaces and royal suites. Discover each era’s distinctive style as you wander from rich 16th century carvings to geometric 20th century minimalism. Marvel at murals of gods, elaborate glass chandeliers, opulent gilded chambers and rainbow-hued stained glass windows. Get tangibly close to some of the museum’s most precious artefacts, including ceremonial swords and jewelled caskets.

As you begin to digest your unique experience of the fort, you’ll bid a fond farewell to your host and amble across to the Chokelao Mahal restaurant for a private dinner with a sunset view. Feast on a selection of local Rajasthani dishes in calm seclusion on the candlelit terrace, and watch the last of the sun’s rays disappear behind Mehrangarh’s illuminated silhouette. 

Location: Jodhpur, India

Duration: An evening

Accommodation: Your choice of accommodation in Jodhpur...

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“Having a private champagne tour of Mehrangarh Fort, followed by dinner with the fort illuminated in the background, was truly extraordinary. For anyone with a keen interest in Rajasthan’s history, this is worth stretching the budget for.” Kate, India Specialist

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This is one of our higher cost experiences, but for those with a passion for history or architecture, or anyone wanting to add some serious bells and whistles to a special occasion, the level of exclusivity is hard to beat.

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