Primordial volcano sunrise in Bromo National Park

Ancient & awe-inducing, volcanic Mount Bromo is famous across the world for its staggering sunrises, and in real life they easily outshine the hype. Bromo’s rugged crater rises from a vast mist-filled plain - a panorama that halts speech, alters perspective, & lurks in the subconscious for years. To experience this at its most sublime, wake before dawn & take a jeep up the mountainside to watch the sun rise over the hazy volcanic range, followed by a horseback ride across the moon-like valley surface to spend the day exploring the foothills of Bromo itself.

What to expect from a Bromo sunrise...

Bromo, named for the Hindu god Brahma, isn’t the largest volcano in Java, but it is certainly one of the most spectacular. Rising from a huge mist-filled plain of volcanic sand, Bromo’s smoking crater is one of a string of picture-perfect volcanoes, fading into the distance. At daybreak, this primordial scene is rendered jaw-dropping, so before dawn, it shouldn't be too hard to hop out of bed for the short jeep trip up to the top of nearby Mount Penanjakan, to get the best views for sunrise.

After the grand opening, you can descend onto Segara Wedi, or ‘Sea of Sands’, a moon-like expanse of dark sand where little grows, for a horseback trek to Bromo itself, with the morning breeze stirring up eddies of dust as your horse picks its way across the ancient caldera. Reaching Bromo, climb to the rim of the crater and watch as it hiccups puffs of sulphurous smoke.
Many travellers pay Bromo no more than a passing sunrise visit, but Bromo-Tengger Semeru National Park is a brilliant place to explore, with panoramic trails through a beautiful, desolate volcanic landscape. 

Although sunrise is the main focal point - and rightly so - it well worth devoting extra time to explore the park itself, wandering amongst mountain villages and watching nomadic Tenggerese herders go about their work. 

You’ll stay in one of three nearby mountain lodges, each with far-reaching views, steaming mugs of local coffee and easy Bromo access. Although accommodation here is generally far from glamorous, there are several options available - whether you’re happy with a very simple place to rest your head, or prefer something more sophisticated, there is a lodge for you.

Location: Mount Bromo, Java. This experience can depart from a handful of cities, including Malang.

Duration: 1 night

Accommodation: a choice of three mountain lodges, ranging in quality from sufficient and simple to slightly more superior.

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Karl says...

'Make sure your camera is charged and you get to bed early!'

Things to note...

Bromo can be very chilly at dawn, so you’ll need to bring along a woolly hat and warm coat.

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