Microlight flight over Angkor temples

Gazing down from above on the stalagmite-like towers and carved sandstone walls nestling in the farmland below is an unforgettable way to see the magnificent temples of Cambodia’s Angkor region. As the pilot expertly guides your microlight through the sky, you will have a jaw-dropping aerial view of the imposing edifice of Angkor Wat and feel the air rushing past as you soar over the tourist crowds, giving you a truly breath-taking experience.

What to expect from the microlight flight...

The iconic lotus-shaped towers rising from the weathered walls of Angkor Wat are an unmistakable symbol of Cambodian national pride, and this complex of detailed temple buildings makes up the largest religious monument in the world.

Though faded by time, many of the temples of Angkor’s UNESCO World Heritage Site have been painstakingly restored and maintained in recent years to better display their beauty and intricate design. Their fame draws thousands of visitors every year to stand in the shadows of these daunting structures, and seeing them from the ground is certainly a humbling experience. However, the viewing areas can get very crowded and it is easy to become ‘templed out’ and overwhelmed.

A microlight tour over the site gives you a new perspective on these familiar landmarks, and a chance to get away from the hubbub and bustle. The microlights are small, two-seater aircraft which fly at low speeds allowing you to survey the ground below at your leisure.

Their open sides add to the exhilarating sensation of being airborne and provide an uninterrupted view of the temples, which makes for some stunning photos. The planes take off from Jayavarman Airfield, conveniently situated only a few minutes’ drive from the fascinating town of Siem Reap, and flights can last anywhere from a 10-minute taster to an hour-long tour.

A 40-minute trip takes in Angkor Wat as well as four other major temple sites: Banteay Samre, East Mebon, Pre Rup and the Srah Srang reservoir. Shorter 20-minute flights can take you to the early Roluos temples, or to view the intriguing ‘floating village’ on the Tonle-Sap Lake, and the full hour shows you all of the above.

After the thrill of flying, open to the elements, over such a glorious location, you may find that it takes a while to get your feet back on the ground even after you’ve landed!

Location: Cambodia

Duration: From 10 minutes to 1 hour


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