Living Land Organic Farm, Laos

Rice cultivation is central to life in Laos, bringing economic independence and a reliable food supply along with something less tangible: a connection between the land and the communities that farm it, building on a fierce sense of pride and cultural identity. At the Living Land farm, you’ll get involved in every aspect of this sustainable agriculture, and be able to appreciate the hard work that goes into growing their organic produce.

What to expect on the farm...

Driving towards Living Land from Luang Prabang, the city swiftly gives way to green rice paddies and carefully tended fields. Every inch of agricultural land is used to the full, making the most of the cleared spaces in a country still dealing with the remnants of past conflict, and lush swathes of tended crops sprout up amid the untamed landscape.

The project itself, started in 2005 by a co-operative of local farming families, acts as an education and training location in partnership with a nearby agricultural college, so prospective farmers from across Laos can come and learn to combine traditional wet rice planting techniques with modern innovations. Pioneering crop rotations and permaculture ideas, in response to the effects of pesticides and fertilizers on long term soil quality, make Living Land a leading light in the future of Lao farming.

From the moment you get talking to those who work there, you can see how invested they are in this inspirational work. What started out as a self-sufficiency initiative, now also provides a variety of outreach education offshoots, and supplies local restaurants and hotels with high quality, organic vegetables, salads and herbs. 

Upon arrival, you’re met by a local farming guide who’ll take you through every phase of the rice growing process, from sifting through to find the best grains for seed, to husking the rice the old-fashioned way (by hand) to achieve the most unbroken grains. Then, it’s time to don a traditional farmer’s hat to protect you from the elements, and get out into the fields!

Stand knee-deep in muddy rice paddies planting seedlings, try your hand at traditional buffalo-led ploughing, grab a sickle to help with the harvest, thresh the dried stalks to release the grains and, finally enjoy the fruits of your labours with a feast of perfectly cooked sticky rice.

Living Lands shows its guests the realities of small scale Lao farming and its positive impact on the community, while giving you an interactive taste of everyday, down to earth life in modern Laos.

Location: Luang Prabang, Laos

Duration: 1 day

Accommodation: Your choice of accommodation in Luang Prabang

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‘A unique opportunity to get a hands-on educational experience of Lao agriculture, and get good and muddy in the process! Perfect for families.’

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Some aspects of the experience are quite physical, but may be able to be adapted to individual needs with notice. Please consider any relevant needs when booking.

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