Learn the Art of Eight Limbs at a Muay Thai masterclass

Centuries old, steeped in warrior culture, and sacrosanct when it comes to respect for both trainer and opponent, ‘the art of eight limbs’ is a thrilling martial art delivered at lightning speed and executed with what is quite often breathtaking power, precision and flair. On our Magic of Muay Thai Masterclass, you’ll experience the sport under the supervision of your kru before taking a ringside seat at Bangkok’s legendary Rajadamnern Stadium – one of the most famous Muay Thai stages in the world.

What to expect from the Muay Thai masterclass...

It’s not for nothing that Thailand’s national sport is known as ‘the art of eight limbs’ (unlike boxing, Muay Thai uses hands, elbows, legs and knees) and, as if to signify what can be both a fiercely tough and spectacularly impressive sport, you’ll also see it dubbed as ‘the world’s most devastating martial art’.

With the fighter’s mentality, discipline and unshakable focus on winning, however comes the many inherent principles of Muay Thai, such as respect, dedication and supporting others. Kru means ‘teacher’ and in Thai culture all providers of wisdom are addressed as such and deemed worthy of the utmost respect.

Your Muay Thai masterclass begins after lunch when you’ll be collected from your hotel and taken to the one of Bangkok’s leading Muay Thai camps to meet your kru and trainer for the afternoon. You’ll observe local students honing their punches, knees, kicks and defensive skills, before jumping into the practise ring to have a go yourself.

After cooling down, it’s off to Rajadamnern Stadium for a rare chance to go backstage to see the fighters on that night’s card go through their pre-match rituals, and get a fascinating insight into the intense concentration and preparation undergone by those competing at Muay Thai’s highest level.

For the grand finale, it’s time to take your ring-side seat for the evening’s action, after which you’ll have a photo opportunity with a victor or two and receive a gift of a (clean!) pair of Muay Thai shorts – just in case you’re hooked and decide to take it up on your return home!

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Duration: 7 hrs (class + watching a match)

Accommodation: Your choice of Bangkok hotel

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David says...

‘You have to experience Muay Thai in action to grasp what the sport means to the Thai people, and get a feel for its sense of tradition, its rituals, and its place in Thai history and culture. Better still, have a go yourself!’

Good to know

Anyone of reasonable fitness can try their hand (and their elbows, legs and knees!) at Muay Thai – it isn’t merely for established or aspiring fighters. The sport offers a fantastic – and a really fun – workout and is increasingly popular amongst women and children. Oh, and yes, the sport is expected to make its Olympic Games debut at Paris 2024.

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