Gourmet picnic breakfast in Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor Archaeological Park spans 150 square miles and centuries of spectacular craftsmanship, from the famous Angkor Wat to more subtly beautiful sites like Srah Srang, the ancient reservoir where you’ll enjoy this delicious and unusual experience - a private al fresco breakfast in a gorgeous Angkorian setting, overlooking Srah Srang’s placid waters, surrounded by atmospheric carved stone, and sheltered by delicate trees.

What to expect on your Angkor picnic...

It’s not easy to improve sunrise over Angkor Wat, but we think this private lakeside breakfast turns a spectacular sight into an uncommon and beautifully immersive experience. 

Your table will be laid on the banks of the Srah Srang baray, north-east of Angkor Wat. This peaceful geometric reservoir is part of Angkor’s clever irrigation system, and lies deep within the archaeological park, meaning you’ll enjoy 360 degree views of ancient monuments and protected historic landscape while you eat.

Breakfast is prepared by expert chefs from the Heritage Suites’ Relais & Chateaux hotel, responsible for some of the best food in Siem Reap, and includes a smorgasbord of delicate pastries, juicy regional fruit, traditional  Cambodian cooked dishes, eggs any style, fresh drinks, and even favourite cereals in case you’re breakfasting with someone who misses their Coco Pops. 

If waking before dawn isn’t your thing, we can also arrange lunch on the same spectacular spot. We love the Relais & Chateaux team’s ability to prepare authentic Cambodian flavours to an exacting international standard - team favourites include delicate salmon poached in green tea, chicken with a pokey Kampot pepper sauce, super-fresh fish straight from Tonlé Sap - but there European dishes too. Your Angkor lunch will depend on what’s in season, and what can realistically be taken al fresco, but can be prepared to your liking.

Pair your meal with a bottle from the hotel’s carefully chosen wine list and you’ll be perfectly set to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, pottering around the ruins having had an experience that few, if any, of Angkor’s sunset-seeking tourists will even know is possible.

Location: Angkor, near Siem Reap

Duration: a couple of hours

Accommodation: your choice of Siem Reap hotel

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We say

‘Angkor is usually an active experience - you explore it, clamber through ruins. This breakfast makes you sit for a while and really feel the atmosphere of the place, sink into it - with a delicious croissant and fresh coffee in front of you!’

Important to note... 

Make sure we’re aware of any dietary requirements.

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