Explore Borneo's tribal territory at Orou Sapulot

Hidden deep within the rainforests of northern Borneo lays the remote and beautiful Sapulot region. Home to the Murut people (some of Borneo’s oldest surviving tribes), this stunning site offers a glimpse into Borneo’s past - before the influx of technology and tourism. Discover the fascinating Murut culture through its food and music, and explore breath-taking caves, waterfalls and outcrops in the dense surrounding jungle. Trekking here with the Orou Sapulot project, away from the usual tourist trail, provides an immersive experience of how eco-tourism is preserving the habitats of Sabah.

Location: Sabah, Borneo
Duration: 2 - 3 days
Cost: £ £ £   
Accommodation: Tribal longhouse, camping in rainforest

What to expect in Orou Sapulot...

Orou Sapulot is an eco-tourism organisation lead by the inspiring figure of Richard Gunting, a Murut tribe descendent. The aims of this visionary venture are to give local people a sustainable income whilst protecting the environment from destructive activities, and sustaining Murut culture for future generations.

A two or three day trekking package offers a look back to an ancient way of life, and the opportunity for fit and intrepid travellers to encounter the raw jungle at close quarters. The experience begins with a transfer from the hum of Kota Kinabalu city to the remote Pungiton Camp, in the heart of Borneo's rainforest.

From here, your guide will seek out the nearby Tinahas Caves, where the twists and turns within the caverns open up to awe-inspiring formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Once you have explored these captivating passageways, you'll return to camp for a refreshing swim and warming dinner before turning in for a night in a hammock under the stars.

For those willing and able, an excursion to the dramatic 800-ft limestone outcrop of Batu Punggul is a mind-blowing experience. A scramble to the pinnacle offers spectacular views of the jungle canopy below and, if you are lucky, perhaps even a swinging orang-utan.  

Once back at ground level, you will head to Romol Village to spend the night in an old-style wooden longhouse.

Here, spend an evening feasting on traditional Murut food and rice wine, and enjoying traditional dancing, along with plenty of music and laughter. For one last unforgettable experience you can trek through the dense rainforest to spend a few tranquil hours swimming and relaxing at the spectacular multi-levelled Kabulongou waterfalls before bidding a reluctant farewell to the region’s secluded serenity, and returning to the rush of modern life.

We say...

'A wonderful chance to meet some of Borneo's most ancient tribes and explore their landscape...'

Explore Borneo's tribal territory at Orou Sapulot