Evening food tour of Phnom Penh

As the sun sets behind Phnom Penh’s gilded pagodas and modern tower-blocks, the streets take on a new energy. Stalls come to life in the squares, tempting aromas fill the air, and cafes buzz with the chatter of friends enjoying the ambience of the city at night. A guided tuk-tuk tour, sampling the best of the city’s culinary offerings, gives you a true taste of how the locals enjoy their evenings in Cambodia’s historic capital.

What to expect on the Phnom Penh food tour...

Phnom Penh’s reputation as an up and coming ‘foodie’ destination grows year-on-year, and there is a dizzying wealth of eateries to try. The best spots are scattered throughout the city, so the slickest way to get between them is by tuk-tuk. Though sometimes a bit of a bumpy ride, these motorbike-drawn carriages are a fun and convenient way to travel. Once you’re aboard, your guide can whisk you off to the first stop on your tasting tour: the Russian Market.

At the heart of Phnom Penh’s celebrated Russian Market is a lively array of food stands with plates of tempting nibbles adorning every stall. Crisp fritters, skewers of marinated meats and richly-filled steamed buns whet the appetite, while sweet-and-sour fruits cleanse the palate. There are also some less familiar snacks available: the local delicacies include deep-fried frogs, snakes, spiders and insects, which are served by the scoop from street-carts – a real treat for adventurous eaters!

Back in the tuk-tuk you’ll head downtown to sample one of the mainstays of Cambodian cuisine: freshly barbequed seafood. Ranging from fresh-water fish, caught in either the Mekong or Tonle Sap rivers, to squid brought up from the coast, the best of the day’s catch is grilled with local herbs, spices and pickled vegetables which all subtly enhance the flavours in these deceptively simple looking dishes.

Your last stop - which you will want to make sure you save room for - is across the Japanese Bridge to a little-known gem of a Khmer restaurant serving authentic cuisine such as creamy Amok fish curry (traditionally steamed in banana leaves), hot beef Samaran, spicy Loc Lac pork and fragrant fried rice. Whatever the menu, you’ll be able to savour it while enjoying the warm hospitality of the locals and listening to a live band play traditional Khmer music.

With a belly full of food and a head full of new sights, you’ll be ‘tuk-tuk’ed back to your hotel to discuss your favourite dishes and plan your next meal out in Phnom Penh’s thriving restaurant scene.

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Duration: an evening

Accommodation: Your choice of Phnom Penh hotel

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'Yum yum! Eating our way around Asia is easily one of the team's favourite activities, and this fun tour packs a lot of flavour into one evening, and gives you a great snapshot of Phnom Penh to boot.'

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