Embrace 'the Delta experience' at the Mekong Lodge

Richly fertile, delightfully biodiverse and inhabited for millennia by a procession of intriguing civilizations, the Mekong Delta is nothing less than crucial to Vietnam. It’s also very beautiful, and the Delta way of life is really unlike anything you can experience elsewhere. At the Mekong Lodge, an excellent programme of activities gives you immediate access to the Delta lifestyle, with an expert personal guide to help you explore the tropical Delta countryside by bike or boat.

Location: Tien River, near Cai Be
Duration: as long as you like
Cost: £ £   
Accommodation: eco-lodge on the Mekong riverbank

What to expect at the Mekong Lodge...

You’ll feel fully immersed in Delta life from the moment you arrive at the Mekong Lodge. The property itself is situated on the banks of the Tien River, and whilst commuter traffic anywhere else can make the mornings unpleasant, here it brings the colour and flavour of the Delta floating straight past your doorstep. 

Each day you’ll choose whether to head off by boat or bike with your personal guide, whose knowledge of the area is second to none. The boat cruise is fantastic, taking you through neighbouring river villages and letting you experience the calm and lush beauty of the Delta. A certain highlight is visiting Cai Be’s floating market, where hundreds of sampans laden with local veg and hot ‘street’ food (‘river food’?!) jostle in the waterway, creating a noise and chaos that’s a rare distraction from the Delta’s typical tranquility.

The cycle trips explore neighbouring orchards, gardens and villages, where you can meet the locals, who welcome visitors with friendly warmth. Back at the lodge, catch fish, harvest tropical fruit, and learn to prepare a Vietnamese meal - a far more lasting memento of your journey than any trinket.

The eco-friendly Lodge’s attentive staff always willing to assist, and its little bungalows feature plunge pools to help the weary traveller cope with the heat. Of an evening, head to the Lodge’s riverside restaurant - there is little finer than watching the Delta changes colour as the sun sets, whilst enjoying fine Vietnamese cuisine made from ingredients grown and harvested in the fields around your table.

We say...

'Producing over half the country's rice crop, the Mekong Delta is Vietnam's lifesource, and life here is bustling, colourful, and marvellous to observe.'

Embrace 'the Delta experience' at the Mekong Lodge