Diving around Sri Lanka

Below the waves along Sri Lanka’s captivating coastline lie amazing coral reefs bursting with life; shimmering tropical fish flit between the wrecks of grand ships, while whales gracefully break the surface above. Whether this is your first time dipping your toes in, or you have been hooked on diving for years, the dive sites in Sri Lanka are exceptional.

What to expect from the Sri Lanka diving experience...

Being a relatively new destination on the diving circuit, now is the perfect time to enjoy the best of Sri Lanka’s dive locations. Thanks to the country’s significant maritime history, it is estimated that there are over 200 wrecks dotted around the coastline.

The sites around Colombo on the west coast offer incredible diving between November and May, but between May and October you should head straight for the east coast. Wreck diving is often a moving and somewhat eerie experience, coming as it can with the remembrance of human life lost to tragedy, but the wealth of sea life thriving around the wrecks is truly uplifting.

Sri Lanka is a fantastic place to learn to dive, and an exciting addition to any coast-based itinerary. Beginners are taken out by experienced PADI instructors, who show you the best sights and ensure your comfort and safety throughout.

One particularly popular beginner’s dive is the Leather Coral Reef, just 14 metres below the surface at Vakarai, where vivid corals and anemones are surrounded by clouds of exotic fish. If you’ve ever wondered what a Rock Cod looks like, or a Yellow Striped Goatfish, then this is the perfect opportunity to find out!

For more experienced divers, the choices are exhilarating: explore the collapsed hull of a 1920s oil tanker, drift over a mystical forest of sea fans at the South Gale Reef, or swim through ‘Heaven’s Gate’ to spot lionfish enjoying the tranquillity of the Taprobane East barge.

One of our favourite tough technical dives is the vast wreck of the HMS Hermes, the world’s first aircraft carrier. This once-magnificent vessel lies 50 metres down, providing a rich habitat for a myriad of creatures including otherworldly jellyfish, slick Chevron Barracuda, and huge shoals of Trevally and Blue-Striped Snapper.

Location: Sri Lanka

Duration: 2-6 hours

Accommodation: your choice of Sri Lanka accommodation

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We say...

'There's some really excellent diving around Sri Lanka, with something for all abilities. It perfectly compliments the island's excellent land-based National Parks and great cultural experiences!'

Important to note...

You must wait 24 hours after diving before flying, so we recommend taking a day or two at the end of your holiday to relax on one of Sri Lanka’s stunning beaches and remember the magic of your underwater adventures.

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