Birdwatching at Moeyungyi Wetland Resort

Imagine finding a secluded spot, far from the hurry of modern life, and sitting back as the relaxing sounds of lapping water and birdsong soothe away your stress. If that seems pretty perfect, then time spent at Moeyungyi Wetland Resort and Wildlife Sanctuary will be pure bliss. This peaceful conservation area in Bago plays host to over 120 species of magnificent water-birds in rich, unspoilt wetland surroundings. It's an unmissable opportunity for keen photographers and nature-lovers to encounter a diverse array of Myanmar birdlife at breathtakingly close range.

What to expect at the Moeyungyi Sanctuary...

The Moeyungyi Sanctuary was originally a water-storage facility which transformed naturally into a wetlands site over many years, and is now an area of outstanding natural beauty and a vital conservation zone.

Visited each year by an astounding 70 species of migratory birds making their annual journey south, Moeyungyi is well-positioned for human visitors too, as it is less than two hours drive from Yangon. 

If travelling to somewhere warm for the winter yourself sounds like a good idea, then a well-timed visit between November and March might fit the bill perfectly! During these months, the birdlife at the sanctuary is at its peak, with hundreds of resident and migratory birds coming to rest and feed here. Some of the species noted in a recent census include the elegant Pheasant Tailed Jacana, the magnificently red-beaked Purple Swamphen, and the stately Sarus Crane.

The Wetland Resort offers you the wonderful opportunity to stay right in the heart of the sanctuary, and guides with local expertise are on hand to navigate you to the best wildlife sites. The accommodation is fairly simple, comprising of rustic boat-shaped bungalows on stilts over the water, with a few essential comforts. They all have stunning views out across the lake, and the best access to the early-morning motor-boat excursions. If you're really keen, you can be on the water, binoculars and cameras in hand, by 6:30 a.m. for the first expedition of the day.

The boat trips circle the lake at a leisurely pace for about an hour, allowing plenty of photo opportunities. A longer two-hour trip also stops at one of the tiny lakeside villages for a rest and a taste of the local culture.You will eventually return to your private balcony for the ideal end to this unforgettable experience; a relaxing evening watching birds, silhouetted against the sunset, landing gracefully on the water.

Location: Bago Region, Myanmar

Duration: 1-3 days

Accommodation: Moeyungyi Wetlands Resort

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