Laos - Getting to know Pakse

Asia's best kept secret, southern Laos is only now making its way onto the radar of many travellers. A destination that promises Angkor-era temples, elephants, sleepy town and villages, dramatic waterfalls, cool plains and the most laid-back people in all Asia. The 'gateway' to all these travel delights is Pakse - approximately 10 hours by road from Vientiane but just a short hop by air - the southern capital is seeing visitor numbers increase year-on-year, so go now and beat the crowds!

Laos Pakse Travel Guide

Around Pakse

From Pakse, you are within easy reach of Champasak and the amazing Wat Phou ruins, Tad Lo & Tad Fane, the agriculturally rich Bolaven Plateau, the elephants of Phou Asa and the magical 4000 Islands (Si Phan Don).