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Nam Kat Yorla Pa

nr Muang La, Oudomxay

Oudomxay province is one of Laos’ most beautiful regions, offering a very welcome stopping point on a journey through the country’s north western quarter. Nestling beside a gently babbling river and completely surrounded by protected forest, the Nam Kat Yorla Pa is a tranquil base from which to explore this strikingly unspoilt area. 

The resort’s overall feel is stylish yet uncomplicated, with wide windows which focus and frame the lush location and hills beyond. Traditionally-constructed wooden lodges, finished in the local style, perch within the landscape. Wooden terraces lead to secluded private pools, and the boundary between indoors and outdoors is softened by foldback glass doors extending the rooms onto verandas over the river.

A stay here is all about getting to know the forest and discovering more of the region’s wilderness. Whatever your preferred level, there’s an activity to match, and it’s not all thrill seeking - riverside spa treatments and private pools provide a relaxing counterpoint, inviting you to fully unwind and soak up the tranquillity.


Although totally surrounded by wild forest, the Nam Kat Yorla Pa is surprisingly convenient to access thanks to train links from Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Vang Veng to the nearby station of Muang Xai.

A little more detail

  • Forest hiking & cycling 

  • Waterfall walks

  • Relaxing spa 

  • Riverside pool & dining

From a client…

The balance between being active and relaxed was ideal, and the surroundings were absolutely stunning - just what we needed.

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Terrace by night at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Lamplit terrace at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Treetop walkway at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Treetop walkway at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Cosy villas at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Cosy villas at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Riverfront lodge at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Riverfront Lodge at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Private pool at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Private pool at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Rustic surroundings at Nam Kat Yorla Pa
Rustic surroundings at Nam Kat Yorla Pa

Why we love it

Discover what to expect from staying at Nam Kat Yorla Pa

Rare wilderness

Leaving the temple-peppered city streets far behind, northern Laos’ landscape becomes greener and wilder until, as you arrive at the doors of Nam Kat Yorla Pa, the immersion is complete. The Oudomxay rainforest which surrounds the resort’s understated presence is some of the most stunning in the country; a protected oasis that feels a million miles away from the urban rush. The rich forests are simultaneously serene and buzzing with life. Dense thickets open up to reveal crystal waterfalls cascading over rocky outcrops, including the beautiful Nam Kat falls. Winding paths lead underground to cool caverns where wooden walkways wind through tall chambers. A real rural idyll.

Nature connections & soothing moments

How you spend your days at Nam Kat Yorla Pa is entirely up to you and your energy levels. Explore at a gentle pace with wanders along rope walkways through the trees, or treks at ground level, keeping your senses alert for signs of birds and wildlife. Cycle to nearby villages, mountain bike through bamboo forests or hike to nearby Nam Ket waterfall to watch people abseil through the cascades! Once back at the resort, unwind on a private pool terrace overlooking the forest, listening to the calming sound of the river below. Enjoy deep relaxation with traditional Laotian massages, lean into cleansing sauna sessions, and connect with your surroundings during early morning yoga.

What can you do there?

If you’re keen to explore further, the Oudomxay region offers a wealth of adventure, wildlife and culture to discover. Head out on hikes to spot birds and butterflies fluttering between the branches. Spend time getting a glimpse of the rhythms of traditional rural life, where small communities who have lived in the region for generations tend to the terraced rice fields and salt mines, harvest medicinal plants and herbs, and combine age-old custom with modern Laotian life. Take time to soak up the unspoilt tranquillity, breathe deep and refresh body and mind.

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