Laos - Getting to know the Bolaven Plateau

Rising up from the waters of Si Phan Don (4000 Islands), the Bolaven Plateau provides rich soil and an ideal for climate for the many tea and coffee plantations that can be found across the region. The cooler climate also offers welcome relief for the road weary in need of a day or two of refreshing breeze!

Laos Bolaven Plateau Travel Guide

The Bolaven Plateau is within easy reach of Pakse, just two hours by car, and along with the coffee & tea plantations the region's highlights include the impressive heights of the Tad Fane waterfall and the very relaxed atmosphere of Tad Lo waterfall.

On the banks of the latter of the two falls there is the very pleasant Tad Lo Lodge - a delightful spot to spend a night or two and for those that rise early enough it is sometimes possible to watch elephants taking their morning bath in the deep pools!

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