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Khem Villas

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Only 4km from the gate of Ranthambore National Park, home to the magnificent Bengal Tiger, this resort is spread over wilderness in the park’s buffer zone. It’s probably the closest to nature of all the park’s accommodation options. Anything can happen, and there are semi-regular animal encounters within the resort grounds! Don’t worry - the tigers don’t get in! 

Started on barren land over 30 years ago, this large area has been nurtured and loved by the Rathore family. It’s now a lush, diverse habitat of indigenous trees and bodies of water, with a wild garden to wander in after a day’s safari, and pre-dinner drinks around the campfire where you can recount the day’s tiger sightings. 

A good mixture of simple rooms, cottages and glamping tents are spread over the area, creating an ambiance of understated luxury which fits the setting. The resort’s character stems from the family that started, owns, and lovingly looks after the property. As their conservation efforts helped create the park, they are a huge influence on the landscape and there can be no better hosts for your Ranthambore adventure.


As close to Ranthambore National Park as you could imagine, and 200km from Jaipur, these tented villas are located in the heart of Rajasthan’s remote, rural wilderness.

A little more detail

  • A selection of rooms and villas

  • Small plunge pool 

  • All vegetarian menu

  • Safaris with the Forest Department.

From a client…

Really nice place, very friendly and the service was excellent. Apparently they have caught images of leopards around the property with camera traps. So wild!

Image gallery

Walkway at sunset at Khem Villas
Walkway at sunset at Khem Villas
Thatched cottages at Khem Villas
Thatched cottages at Khem Villas
Pool at Khem Villas
Pool at Khem Villas
Tents at Khem Villas
Tents at Khem Villas
Bedroom at Khem Villas
Bedroom at Khem Villas
Lounge at Khem Villas
Lounge at Khem Villas
Villa at Khem Villas
Villa at Khem Villas

Why we love it

Discover what to expect from staying at Khem Villas

Character & charm

Khem Villas isn’t the last word in luxury, nor is it the slickest resort you’ll ever visit, but in a world of big brand hotels we love to find family-owned properties with real character, and we stand ready to forgive any small flaws. 

Plunge pool at Khem Villas

Evenings around the campfire

It’s been a continuing labour of love over the past 30 years to bring the magic of Ranthambore alive, and this hotel reflects that passion and commitment. Evenings around the campfire can be magical, drink in hand, listening to the sounds of the jungle all around, as Govendra Rathore holds court with stories of the tigers of Ranthambore. 

Dinner at sunset at Khem Villas

What can you do there?

Safaris into the park are what it’s all about, but the resort is comfortable enough for pleasant down time too. There’s even a little plunge pool to cool off in, but it’s the grounds themselves that are so lovely and where you can wander at will through your own private jungle. It’s also possible to have a guided trek into the forests beyond the camp. Keep your eyes and ears primed. 

Gardens at Khem Villas

A Focus on Sustainability

Khem Villas’ commitment to sustainability is wide and deep. In order to help the tigers, it is essential to have mutual support from the local population. To help address some immediate local needs, mobile health clinics have been organised, as well as a successful campaign for state funding to build a regional hospital. Projects now include a school, reforestation, and providing alternative employment to discourage the temptation of poaching. Learning more about these initiatives adds extra depth to a stay at Khem Villas. 

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