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Indian Himalayas

Breathe in lungfuls of crisp air and marvel at stunning vistas amongst the awe-inspiring Indian Himalayas, from the rolling green foothills to the craggy mountains and on towards the distant, snow-capped peaks. Relax at hill stations, visit spiritual sites, or opt for the ultimate experience of mountain peace - hiking through the landscape on anything from a relaxing stroll to a challenging, multi-day trek.

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Thikse Monastery near Leh, Ladakh

The Himalayas - ‘Abode of Snow’ in Sanskrit - are as beautiful and mysterious as their name suggests. The loftiest (and arguably most famous) mountain range in the world juts its way through northern India, forming an almost impenetrable border. It’s an area of extreme natural beauty that invites adventure, but has also long been connected with peace and spirituality.

It's not all about climbing mountains - this remote region provides welcoming refuge from the heat of the central Indian plains. The 919 bends, 864 bridges and 102 tunnels of the ‘Queen of the Hills’ narrow-gauge railway await to chug you slowly into the foothills. Take in a scattering of scenic hill stations before continuing towards Buddhist and Sikh spiritual capitals, without the need for anything more energetic than a gentle stroll.

Alternatively, when the mountains are calling, opportunities for serious walking and trekking abound. Slow your pace and drink in the clean air of the green river valleys, flower-filled hillsides and acres of tea fields, whilst gazing up at the foreboding mountains beyond. Along the way, enjoy the warm hospitality of the hardy, welcoming communities who call this region home.

If you’re keen to venture further off-road, you can’t beat the private treks from remote village to even-more-remote village that we arrange in conjunction with Shakti Himalaya. Hike in and around the high-altitude desert of Ladakh (also known as ‘Little Tibet’), through the lush landscapes of Sikkim, or between the villages of stunning, off-the-trail Kumaon. 

The cost of these premium trekking experiences contributes to leasing the village houses where you stay directly from their local owners, ensuring that the income goes back to the community. Each trek also employs a team of local staff, who purchase ingredients cultivated in the communities to create outstanding meals with just a small wood-burning stove and a lot of imagination!

Whether you choose ‘comfortable and scenic’ or ‘active and remote’, it's difficult to put into words how a visit to the Indian Himalayas will leave you feeling. For us it's somewhere between being on top of the world and feeling smaller than ever - dwarfed by those mountain peaks glistening in the sunlight.

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