Cambodia In Style

Put your finger on the pulse and enjoy special experiences that your fellow travellers haven’t even heard of yet on our Cambodia In Style holiday. From a gourmet breakfast at the fabled Angkor temples to fine dining restaurant hopping in Siem Reap and sundowners on the unblemished sands of Koh Rong, your journey will be lavishly sprinkled with treats from start to finish...

At a glance
  • Savour a sunrise breakfast in the grounds of Angkor
  • Meet and eat with a local family in their own home
  • Discover fabled ruins hidden in the jungle
  • Explore the buzzing city of Phnom Penh
  • Learn how Cambodians are recovering from their horrific recent history
  • Cycle amongst rice paddies in Phnom Oudong
  • Explore nature trails in the Cardamom Mountains
  • Unwind amidst the natural beauty of Tatai River
  • Experience true relaxation on tropical Koh Rong
Price & Hotels

Siem Reap - 4 nights

Siem Reap is the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor, the ruined capital of a historic Cambodian empire, and one of the ancient wonders of the world. The town is booming thanks to these fabled ruins, but remains low-rise by royal decree, and retains much of its original charm. 100s of them lie scattered around Siem Reap, largely hidden by jungle. You’ll have plenty of time to discover them with a knowledgeable guide, but your temple experience will begin with a gourmet breakfast as the sun rises over Angkor Wat itself. You will also visit a rural village that few visitors are lucky enough to reach, and spend time making lunch with a local family. Once you arrive in Siem Reap, your day will be at leisure, be that a swim in the hotel pool or a wander around town - perhaps using our InspirAsian app to find a recommended local restaurant for dinner.

Day 1 - Arrive Siem Reap

On arrival in Cambodia, you'll be met by your private guide, who will accompany you to your hotel.

Welcome to Selective Asia! This level of personal service (such as private transfers, private tours etc) is what you can expect throughout your trip. A few services (eg boat cruises) will be shared, but we'll always make sure you're aware of these.

Day 2 - Village Explorer, Khmer fine dining experience


Explore rural villages, and learn about the daily lives of the local people. You'll be a world away from Siem Reap - it's a perfect opportunity to get ‘off the beaten track’ and gain a better understanding of Cambodian rural life, along with insight into traditional Khmer culture; something few visitors are lucky enough to experience. You'll explore a local market and purchase supplies for your lunch, and travel by an (almost!) pollution-free ox and cart. Still widely used throughout Cambodia, the cart allows you to travel gently along the narrow sandy village roads. Spend time at the home of a local family, where there will be plenty of time to relax and chat (with your guide acting as interpreter) as they prepare lunch using your market produce. You can help if you wish; this is a fantastic opportunity to further your understanding of typical Khmer cuisine. You meal is likely to be very different from those offered in Siem Reap's more westerner-oriented restaurants! Explore the village before returning to Siem Reap via the workshops of Angkor Artwork - all products sold are produced using traditional methods, and the quality of craftsmanship is outstanding.

At 7pm you will be met at your hotel for a rather special dining experience: a restaurant-hopping tour of three of Siem Reap’s top restaurants, whose kitchens are led by extremely talented, renowned Cambodian chefs. Your starter will be at Mie Café, main course at The Sugar Palm and dessert at Manis. Transportation along the way is provided by private tuk-tuk and the driver will act as your guide for the evening, dropping you back at your hotel at the end of your culinary adventure.

Day 3 - Gourmet sunrise breakfast & Angkor Temples exploration


You'll be collected just before 5am (it is worth it!) and driven to the shore of an expansive lake within the Angkor temple compound, which was historically used as a place for ritual washing. Here, a gourmet breakfast will be awaiting your arrival. Arranged by the renowned kitchen at the Heritage Suites (arguably the best in Siem Reap) the menu includes treats such as freshly baked croissants, fresh seasonal fruits, eggs any way and Cambodian fried rice, served alongside fresh juice, tea and coffee. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast as the sun rises over the water, before beginning your exploration of Angkor Wat, and the complex of ruined temples and palaces around it. You’ll be driven between them, so you can fit quite a few in (if you want to), and our guides know when to see the ruins at uncrowded times. During any visit to the Angkor temples, we ensure your day(s) remain both flexible and personal. Discuss with your guide what you are hoping to achieve from your time at the temples. Let them know what kind of pace you prefer, whether you want to fill your day with archaeology, or spend some of it on Tonle Sap lake, or even back at your hotel pool.

Day 4 - Beng Mealea & Koh Ker


Spectacular as they are, the Angkor temples closest to Siem Reap are incredibly popular, and crowds there can number in the 1000s. Few of these visitors venture out to see the further lying temples, where there’s more of a tranquil ambience, and less jostling for photo opportunities. These temples are haven't always had as much reconstructive work done as their celebrity cousins, so you'll often find them in a tumble-down state and swallowed by jungle - which we secretly think is more exciting anyway. Despite being in ruins, their impressive architecture is very much apparent, and there's something rather romantic about seeing these places much as explorers would have done in centuries gone by. You'll visit Beng Mealea - similar in size to the better known Angkor Wat (both were built by the same king), but surrounded by jungle, with its restoration work still on Cambodia's 'to do' list. Later, explore Koh Ker, a 10th century city known to contain over 200 temples within the boundaries of this, of which 96 have been discovered. Most of your visit is likely to be spent at just one site; the partially buried Prasat Thom, with its nearby towering step-pyramid.

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Phnom Penh - 3 nights

Cambodia’s capital is one of Asia’s fastest growing cities, booming and blooming as the country recovers from its time under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime. Your stay will include a tour of the ornate royal palace, and lunch at Friends, a restaurant which teaches and employs former street children. Thoroughly explore the city with a knowledgeable guide, enjoy a cycle ride to see villages and an impressive temple outside the city, and visit key Khmer Rouge sites for a deeper understanding of the people you’ll meet during your stay in Cambodia.

Day 5 - Drive to Phnom Penh, Evening Food Tour


Depart for Phnom Penh by car, passing through provincial towns, villages and roadside hamlets offering an insight into life away from the cities. There'll be an opportunity to stop at Skun Village, famous for its deep-fried tarantulas, which you can snack on if you so wish! There will also be a stop to stretch your legs and enjoy a coffee in Kampong Thom. Once you reach Phnom Penh, your afternoon is at leisure. At 5pm, climb aboard a tuk-tuk for a food-focused tour of the city. Stop for a cocktail at a lively bar on Sisowath Quay and watch the sun set over the river, before heading down to the river, where roadside stalls sell a variety of edible bugs. Your guide will be on hand to decipher the surprisingly tasty offerings! Continue by tuk-tuk to the Russian Market, which draws local diners with typical Khmer food such as banh cheo, chicken rice porridge and beef skewers. Choose what you fancy, pull up a plastic stool alongside the locals, and soak up the atmosphere. Your final food stop for the evening will be freshly BBQ’d seafood, before you return to your hotel, again by tuk-tuk, and probably ready to loosen your waistband...

Day 6 - City Tour, Tuol Sleng & Cheung Ek


Your guide will escort you around the Royal Palace complex, with its lavish ceremonial buildings. You’ll also have the option to visit the National Museum, which is full of intriguing artefacts from several millennia of Cambodian culture. Lunch will be at ‘Friends’, a restaurant which trains ex-street children and other vulnerable groups in the hospitality trade. The food also happens to be excellent! The afternoon will be a far more sombre experience: Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crimes and the Cheung Ek ‘killing fields’ will open your eyes to the true brutality of the Pol Pot regime. There’s no sugar-coating this deeply disturbing insight into human capacity for cruelty - but it’s essential to understanding Cambodia and its people today. Your guide will have almost certainly lost loved ones to the regime, and will answer your questions as you try to comprehend what you’ve learnt.

Day 7 - Cycling to Phnom Oudong


You’ll be driven out of town to hop on two wheels for a pleasant cycle through the countryside, taking in villages and rice fields with plenty of panoramic views to enjoy along the way. Your destination is Phnom Oudong, whose beautifully ornate white stupa sits amongst a cluster of historic buildings atop a hill with rewarding views across the surrounding plains. These are the remnants of an ancient capital of Cambodia, and the King’s main residence from 1618 to 1866. Its main temple was bombed by the Americans and the Khmer Rouge, but still possesses a beauty that no war has been able to steal from it. Enjoy lunch in the small village at the base of the hill before heading back to Phnom Penh, where the rest of your day is at leisure.

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Tatai River - 2 nights

Tatai River flows through the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor, home to many of Cambodia’s outstanding natural sites, including the southern and central Cardamom Protected Forests, the mangrove forests of Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary, the beaches of Koh Kong and Botum Sakor National Park. It's an incredible setting, and ideal for light adventure such as boat trips through the mangrove forest, trekking and waterfall visits, all of which can be arranged on a daily basis and adapted to your energy levels. You'll reach your river lodge by boat, and once you're there the rest of your stay will be at leisure.

Day 8 - Car & boat to Tatai River


Journey by car and boat to your Tatai River resort, arriving in time for a sunset drink!

Day 9 - Relax & explore


Explore your scenic surrounds by boat or on foot, or simply kick back and relax.

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Koh Rong / Koh Rong Samloem - 3 nights

These gorgeous tropical islands, with their sandy beaches powder-puff white and their waters crystal clear, are developed enough to extend a luxurious welcome, but remain largely untainted by tourism. Resorts here are truly restful, designed to give you every opportunity to relax completely. Spend your time in the spa or the jungle, out on the water or on the sand. Enjoy the laid back but lively nightlife of Koh Rong's main beach, or seek picture-perfect seclusion in hidden spots around the coast. There's no light pollution here: once the sun goes down you can experience the night sky in all its glory, and keep an eye out for the magical spectacle of bioluminescent plankton sparkling in the shallow waters. You'll reach the islands on a shared speedboat, and once you've arrived the rest of your stay is at leisure.

Day 10 - Car & boat to your beach resort


Journey by boat and car to Sihanoukville, where you will board a shared speedboat to the island of Koh Rong or neighbouring Koh Rong Samloem. Time to kick off your shoes and sink your toes into the sand!

Days 11 & 12 - Beach time!


Enjoy a few days relaxing on the beach.

Day 13 - Boat to the mainland, depart Phnom Penh


Depart by shared speedboat to the mainland where you will be met and driven to the airport.

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We only provide privately guided holidays - meaning that you will not be expected to share guides or transport for the duration of your visit. You can also start on any day you choose.

Please click on the hotel category buttons below to view hotel details. These are recommended properties only - we have many alternative options for you to choose from if you would prefer. You can mix hotel categories throughout your holiday.

Hotel class Price per person (based on total # travelling)
2 persons 3 - 5 6 - 10
Standard £1,905US$2,495 £1,682US$2,204 £1,502US$1,968

The Moon Residence

Situated in the heart of Siem Reap, with the Old Market, shops and the river on its doorstep, The Moon Residence is a good value, locally owned and run hotel, in a brilliantly convenient location...

See more

Anise Phnom Penh

Conveniently located in the very heart of Phnom Penh, and just minutes by foot from all the key sites and attractions, the Anise hotel allows you to... See more

Rainbow Lodge

With its superb, unmatched location in Cambodia’s South Cardamom Mountains, Rainbow Lodge is a little bit special, offering rustic lodge style accommodation with immediate access to Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary... See more

Sol Beach Resort

Calm clear water, white sand beaches and an easy-going vibe succinctly sums up the tropical island of Koh Rong Samloem, a 45-minute fast ferry from Sihanoukville. Measuring 9km long, by 5km at its widest point, there’s little... See more
1st Class £2,157US$2,826 £1,935US$2,534 £1,754US$2,298

Viroth's Hotel

Not to be confused with the original, smaller Viroth’s hotel, this fresher 1950’s inspired Viroth’s Hotel opened at the beginning of 2015... See more

VMansion Boutique Hotel

VMansion is a welcome breath of fresh air in one of the South-East Asia’s most exciting cities. Located within walking distance of many of Phnom Penh's key highlights... See more

Rainbow Lodge

With its superb, unmatched location in Cambodia’s South Cardamom Mountains, Rainbow Lodge is a little bit special, offering rustic lodge style accommodation with immediate access to Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary... See more

Sol Beach Resort

Calm clear water, white sand beaches and an easy-going vibe succinctly sums up the tropical island of Koh Rong Samloem, a 45-minute fast ferry from Sihanoukville. Measuring 9km long, by 5km at its widest point, there’s little... See more
Superior £2,860US$3,747 £2,638US$3,455 £2,457US$3,219

Shinta Mani Shack

Funky and stylish, the Shinta Mani Shack enjoys a location in the heart of Siem Reap’s French Quarter... See more

Palace Gate Hotel & Resort

Surrounding a beautifully restored French-Colonial villa, the Palace Gate Hotel & Resort serves up a well-balanced blend of classic luxury and modern chic...

See more

Canvas & Orchids Retreat

Visitors wishing to escape the more developed side of Cambodia's south coast will be delighted to pitch up at the incredible Canvas & Orchids Retreat...

See more

Royal Sands

A scattering of secluded villas face towards the ocean at the Royal Sands resort, a fresh addition to the Koh Rong waterfront… See more
Deluxe £3,222US$4,220 £2,999US$3,929 £2,819US$3,692

Shinta Mani Angkor

So much more than 'just another' deluxe hotel in Siem Reap, the Shinta Mani Angkor is very much part of the city's early heritage. Rebuilt from scratch in 2011, opening again in 2012... See more

Raffles le Royal

Sister hotel to the renowned Raffles in Singapore, the Le Royal is located in the heart of Phnom Penh, just yards from Wat Phnom - the founding place of the city - and within easy reach of many other key attractions, such as the Royal Palace and Central Market… See more

Canvas & Orchids Retreat

Visitors wishing to escape the more developed side of Cambodia's south coast will be delighted to pitch up at the incredible Canvas & Orchids Retreat...

See more

Royal Sands

A scattering of secluded villas face towards the ocean at the Royal Sands resort, a fresh addition to the Koh Rong waterfront… See more

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Itinerary additions

  • Perhaps take an extra day or two travelling between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, taking the western route around the Tonlé Sap via Battambang - a journey that would have been off-limits until relatively recently, due to its status as a Khmer Rouge stronghold. Along with Battambang's attractive colonial architecture, visitors can enjoy little-visited Angkor-era temples and hill-top pagodas en route.
  • Your stay in Siem Reap doesn’t have to just be about the Angkor temples; there are a number of other interesting activities you may wish to consider during your stay. One favourite is a boat ride up the Tonlé Sap to Kampong Phluk, the ‘flooded forest’. Accessible only during high water, you’ll pass amongst the tree tops while still seated in your boat! You'll also visit a village on the banks of the Tonlé Sap, before returning to Siem Reap in the early afternoon.
  • Complete a south coast hat-trick and visit the old colonial retreat of Kep. Think laid-back coastal charm, unique accommodation and some of the finest seafood in Asia.
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