Laos weather & when to go: September

September overview

September’s weather conditions in Laos are similar to August, with a high probability of rain. Although as the month rolls on and dry season approaches the intense downpours become more infrequent and less severe, and sunshine gradually replaces overcast skies.

The lush green countryside around Vang Vieng and Muang La is at its most picturesque in September following months of rain. 

Temperatures begin to drop slightly with averages of 26°C in Luang Prabang and Vientiane, and 27°C in Pakse and the southern provinces; humidity levels remain around 80%. 

Key Festivals & Religious Ceremonies

Bouk Ok Pansa

Bouk Ok Pansa

September or October. Marks the end of the Buddhist fast. (16th October 2016)

Searching for sunshine?

As the wet weather continues in Laos and its neighbouring countries throughout September, those in search of sunshine should look further south to Borneo and the islands of Indonesia where conditions are at their best at this time of year.