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We pride ourselves on being honest: Cambodia isn't known for having the best food in South-East Asia. However, it does have a few secrets up its sleeve when it comes to eating experiences. They can be a bit difficult to find on your own, but whether you want delicious gastronomy or tasty cultural immersion, we can show you the way.

It’s thrown us some curveballs, and some of the team can tell you a thing or two about the texture of deep fried tarantulas! However, this intriguing country has a few hidden gems when it comes to dining, as long as you know where to look…

market stall cambodia
market stall cambodia
market stall cambodia
street food stall phnom penh

There's nothing like being invited for a meal with local residents whilst on your travels. We love the chance to choose ingredients at a local market, wandering between heaps of fragrant herbs, colourful vegetables and intriguing vatfuls, before joining a local family to make dinner. Your hosts will take you through the process of preparing some traditional Khmer dishes as you listen and watch, before taking time to enjoy a tasty lunch together.

If you'd like to sample a little culinary luxury Cambodia-style, enjoy a chef-prepared sunrise breakfast in the grounds of the Angkor Archaeological Park, or let us book you an exclusive table at Villa Chandara for fine dining overlooking the rice fields.

We can never get enough of Asian street food, and do tend to wax lyrical about it as often as we can, but there is a reason for our boundless enthusiasm. Even nervous diners can find out why on a Phnom Penh tuk-tuk tour, with our knowledgeable guide aboard to help you navigate the capital's dizzying array of after-dark eateries. Whizzing about by tuk-tuk is easily the most fun way to get around a South-East Asian city, especially when you're following your nose!

You’ll find creamy amok curries, hearty nom banh chok noodles, and sweet-and-sour pomelo salads, amongst dozens of other tempting dishes. From rich barbecue to fragrant fresh fruit (or can we tempt you with a deep fried spider?), you'll have the opportunity to try the full spectrum of Cambodian favourites.

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