Asia weather & when to go: October


There is no better time for a Bhutan holiday than October, so it’s unsurprising that this is the busiest month of the year for visitor arrivals. With the rains and humidity of the monsoon season largely over, the air feels light and fresh. In the mountainous north of the country, the skies have cleared, giving way to astonishing Himalayan panoramas, while the vibrant autumnal colours of the landscape make photography an absolute joy...

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October sees the arrival of Autumn in Japan and as the month progresses temperatures cool and the rains recede. October is a popular time of year to visit Japan to witness the changing Autumn colours (koya): Hokkaido’s National Parks are particularly picturesque during this month, as are the highlands of Honshu, making October an ideal month for trekking and walking the Nakasendo Trail…

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October offers some of the best weather in Nepal so it's an ideal month to visit. It's the busiest month of the year for visitor arrivals though, so you will see other tourists. The rains and humidity of the monsoon season are a distant memory and the days are bright and clear. Trekkers in particular will be awe-struck by the vast Himalayas, but even on the central plains you'll see them rising high into azure skies. Pleasant daytime temperatures in the low 20s mean visiting National Parks and historic monuments is an absolute pleasure...

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South Korea

With autumn painting the countryside in glorious hues of reds and oranges, October is a wonderful month to visit South Korea. The muggy, oppressive heat and rains of summer have finished, leaving in their place cool breezes, comfortable t-shirt temperatures and none of the high humidity. The weather across the country is a pleasant 15-26°C, although at night in mountainous areas it can start to feel a bit chilly, so make sure you pack some layers. Rainfall can still be expected but is less frequent and lighter than the summer monsoon downpours...

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October is a popular time of year to visit Taiwan, avoiding the summer’s high temperatures and heavy rainfall which is now abating. Taipei’s average monthly temperature is down to a pleasant 24°C and the rain starts to clear in the hotter, sunnier south, which is now experiencing averages of around 26°C. However, October sees the arrival of the north east monsoon, bringing cloud and occasional storms to Keelung and the north east coast...

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October is one of the best months of the year to appreciate the astonishing beauty of Tibet. The autumnal colours are delightful, and you can expect clear bright skies throughout the month. Temperatures are dropping substantially, but this is still a good time of year for trekking, since rainfall is also low. Early October is usually very busy around Tibet’s major cities and attractions, as China’s National Day precedes a week-long holiday...

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Sarawak & Sandakan

In Sabah, rainfall is increasing although in the north and east of Sabah there are still plenty of fine days expected and in the centre and south the majority of days are expected to be dry. Keen divers should enjoy optimum conditions on the Sidapan & Mabul Islands... In Sarawak, October marks the beginning of the wet season, with an increase in rainfall, particularly in coastal areas. Further to the south and east, Batang Ai and Gunung Mulu NP are still likely to be experiencing dry weather...

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The rainfall will start to decrease, especially towards the end of the month with the dry season just around the corner. Across the country the flora and fauna is in full bloom and the moats at the Angkor Temples are full of life (avg temp: 27°C). One great benefit of travelling in Cambodia at this time is that the Angkor Temples will be far less crowded. On the south coast, in Sihanoukville and Kep, rain is still a possibility although this will become less frequent as the months moves on...

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October is typically the hottest month of the year in Indonesia, with maximum temperatures of 32-33°C the norm, especially on the islands of Sulawesi and Sumatra where the mercury rises to 35°C on occasion. Days are predominantly dry and sunny, however as the month rolls on the blue skies become more overcast and there is a much higher chance of rainfall, especially in the jungle-clad areas on Kalimantan and Sumatra…

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Good weather returns to Laos with far less rain expected than the previous few months, especially as in the latter parts of the month. It’s a great time to travel throughout the entire country, with low visitor numbers and improved weather conditions bringing a wealth of benefits, especially the lack of visitors at key tourists sites (Luang Prabang & Vientiane avg temp: 24°C, further south avg temp: 26°C)...

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With the levels of rainfall now more manageable, Burma once again opens its doors to travellers. Despite the coolest months of the year being just around the corner, temperatures throughout the month are likely to remain in the high 20’s and even early 30’s°C. The central plains to the south of Mandalay are once again the hottest and driest region of the country, with temperatures in the low 30’s°C and minimal rainfall. Towards the end of the month the beach resorts start to open again...

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The winds of change continue to blow for both sides of the peninsula. The South-East monsoon is nearing its end; however, it often has a sting in the tale for both Langkawi and Penang, giving them some of their heaviest rainfall of the year. Over on the east-coast (Tioman Island, Perhentian Islands, Terengganu and Redang) the winds of the North-East monsoon gather momentum, bringing rougher sea conditions and a slight drop in temperature...

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Towards the end of October, the worst of the rainy season is usually over, although typhoons still represent a hazard especially in Luzon, the Eastern Visayas and Bicol. Average temperatures across the Philippines are slowly beginning to fall, spanning around 21°C to 32°C. The weather outlook from now on is generally a little better, but it’s not good news everywhere - the rains are now picking up again in the eastern regions...

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Things continue to improve in the north with clearer skies, less rainfall and a break to the high humidity of recent months. In the centre it’s the opposite story with high rainfall and the chance of stormy weather. Whilst the rain tumbles in the centre, the south starts to see a change for the good with less rainfall and a promise of the returning summer. Good conditions for adventure activities also return in the mountains of the north and in the Central Highlands...

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Sri Lanka

A month of change as the south-west monsoon starts to fade into the background, especially towards the end of the month. This doesn’t, however, mean that the blue skies and sunshine return straight away. Rainfall remains high on the coast and temperatures are well below their annual peak. Rainfall is also high in the Tea Country, although hot dry weather is expected further north in the Cultural Triangle.

Things are also changing in the north and along the east coast, with the arrival of the north-eastern monsoon. Across the country cyclones can occur, bringing with them heavy rain and high winds, making October one of the wettest months of the year country-wide...

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A month of change, although when that change comes is anyone’s guess! The rains should start to recede and the humidity levels fall as the month progresses. Temperatures are also declining as October marks the start of ‘winter’ in North & Central Thailand (avg temp: 24 - 27 °C). On the beaches, rainfall remains high on both sides of the peninsular (avg temp: 25 - 27 °C); although on the west the rains start to decline as November approaches. The best chance of dry sand is on Koh Chang in the north of the Gulf as even Hua Hin gets a proper dousing in October...

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