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Throughout Yunnan & Tibet

Songtsam is more than just a collection of lodges - it’s a sense of connection on a journey through a breathtakingly isolated landscape. Tibet’s high-altitude plateaus and peaks - ‘the Roof of the World’ - are one of Earth’s rarest environments, and wandering around its edges on a carefully curated Songtam trek is an unforgettable experience. Meet some of the communities who live amidst the clouds, and discover vivid history, culture and shared experience. 

Songtam skillfully brings high-quality comfort to this otherworldly setting, embellishing and enriching its lodges with traditional design and local heritage, and creating oases of respite to refresh and recover between challenging treks. Hike between them on journeys that take you right into the landscape, echoing historic trade routes and shadowing the footsteps of mountaineers. Songtsam’s ‘travel butlers’ allow you to fully focus on the moment and your surroundings as they guide you smoothly on your journey. The search for Shangri-La is legendary, and the Songtsam routes let you touch the edges of that legend.


This handful of lodges scattered through Yunnan and Tibet each make the most of their unsurpassable surroundings - just mountains and sky, as far as the eye can see.

A little more detail

  • Specially curated trekking routes

  • Expert ‘travel butlers’

  • Spacious accommodation

  • Local cuisine & culture

From a client…

The trekking was challenging, but well paced, and the lodges were just what we needed at the end of each day.

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songtsam lodge Tibet
Views at Songtsam
songtsam lodge Tibet - living room
Living room at Songtsam
songtsam lodge Tibet
Mountain views at Songtsam
songtsam lodge Tibet
Bedroom at Songtsam

Why we love it

Discover what to expect from staying at Songtsam

Character & comfort

Songtam’s handful of exquisite lodges, sprinkled along routes through Yunnan and Tibet, range from a central guest house in Lhasa overlooking the Potala Palace to remote retreats in the mountain wilderness. Each one beautifully combines local design and culture with high-quality modern comfort, giving guests a superior experience. The suites are light and spacious with wide windows making the most of the unbeatable views. Many lodges offer oxygen therapy in the rooms to help you acclimatise to the high altitude, and you can enjoy a range of dishes from across the region in welcoming dining rooms. The ideal blend of comfort and heritage.

Sogtsam deluxe twin room

Inspiring trekking

Many visitors come to the Tibetan region with one objective in mind: to experience first-hand the thrill of walking through this singular landscape. However, it’s no simple prospect for most people to head out into those high-altitude hills, as the combination of challenging terrain and low oxygen makes for difficult going. While these facts are non-negotiable, Songtsam’s well thought-out routes allow you to get a true taste of the region’s trekking at an appropriate pace. For those unused to the terrain, it’s an ideal way to take a few first steps.


What can you do there?

Trek through Yunnan and Tibet on carefully curated routes which take in the region’s extraordinary terrain, culture and history, pausing each night at a welcoming Songtam lodge or hotel to rest and recuperate with spa therapies, yoga, meditation and comfortable, private spaces.


Sustainability at its Core

Songtam have put sustainability and social responsibility as high priorities, using locally-sourced and reclaimed woods in the construction of their lodges, building with a sensitivity to the surrounding landscape, and filtering and recycling their water. They have instigated projects to investigate and protect the region’s delicate ecosystems, and even take an active role in the conservation of the Himalayan white eared pheasant.

Inspiration: Trekking in Nepal

prayer flags over Everest

Aim for the Summit

Trekking across the ‘roof of the world’ in Tibet, at an average elevation of 4,500m, is and adventure hard to beat. It’s not the easiest destination to get to, but the unparalleled rush of standing in one of Earth’s rawest landscapes is like nothing else. 

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Ideal length 10 days
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