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Norden Camp

Sangke Grassland, eastern Tibet

Away from any sense of the passage of time, on the plateau of the roof of the world, the Norden Camp is nothing short of extraordinary. Founded to bring a taste of Tibetan nomadic life to the modern glamping experience, the camp balances the two perfectly. Staying here, you feel connected to the mountain landscape in a visceral, immediate way, with enough comfort to let you focus on the moment. The camp’s founder, Yidam, grew up as part of a nomadic community, and the project is the realisation of his dream to share Tibetan nomadic culture with other travellers.

From modest exteriors that blend sympathetically with their surroundings, you step into surprisingly bright, comforting spaces. The accommodation is simple - although the tents and cabins have washrooms, the showers are in a separate building - but made cosy with layers of blankets and rugs, warm lighting and wood-burning stoves. Rest in your nurturing nest, then step out into the vast, pristine landscape of rippling grasses and endless sky. You’ll never stay anywhere quite like it.


On the Sangke Grassland, in eastern Tibet, 3,200m above sea level, this rustic camp is surrounded by phenomenal mountain scenery.

A little more detail

  • Shepherds huts, tents & cabins

  • Wood burning stoves

  • Herbal sauna

  • Nomadic experiences

From a client…

Opening the doors of our cabin each morning and looking out on that view is something I’ll never forget.

Image gallery

Wooden cabin at Norden Camp
Wooden cabin at Norden Camp
Cabin with mountain views at Norden Camp
Cabin at Norden Camp
Tent in nature at Norden Camp
Tent at Norden Camp
Twin room at Norden Camp
Twin room at Norden Camp
Family tent at Norden Camp
Family tent at Norden Camp

Why we love it

Discover what to expect from staying at Norden Camp

Total immersion

In Tibet, we’re stepping out of the everyday in an extraordinary way, and we want to experience it as directly as possible. A stay at Norden offers just that. With enough creature comforts to make sure you can be fully present, Norden gently immerses you within the landscape and culture. Ride Tibetan horses over the surrounding grassland, join local nomadic communities to learn about their daily lives, and walk out into a high altitude landscape which will (literally and figuratively) take your breath away.

Cabin with mountain views at Norden Camp

Pushing culinary boundaries

Especially considering its remote location, Norden’s approach to cuisine is interesting, in a very positive way. Guest chefs are invited to work alongside the head chef to create a range of seasonal meals from a wide range of local ingredients including foraged herbs, vegetables from the camp garden, freshly baked bread, hand pulled noodles, and milk from the yak that graze the surrounding fields. The results are worth writing home about.

Traditional food at at Norden Camp

What can you do there?

Wander out and experience the vast grasslands surrounding the camp, riding horses and enjoying al fresco dining. Visit local nomadic communities to discover the details of daily life on the roof of the world, or listen to the prayers of monks at the Labrang Monastery. Return to the camp to unwind with a herbal sauna or hot tub, and keep warm around your wood-burning stove as the night draws in.

Bedroom with seating area at Norden Camp

Family-Friendly Adventures

For families wanting to experience the Tibetan wilderness, a stay at Norden offers an excellent balance and a family friendly welcome. Children are encouraged to play freely around the site and to connect with their natural surroundings, and the larger cabins have plenty of space to relax and cosy down in the cool evenings.

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Aim for the Summit

Trekking across the ‘roof of the world’ in Tibet, at an average elevation of 4,500m, is and adventure hard to beat. It’s not the easiest destination to get to, but the unparalleled rush of standing in one of Earth’s rawest landscapes is like nothing else. 

Price from: £2,290 US$2,590
Ideal length 10 days
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