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If all you know of Nepal’s cuisine is that there’s a comforting bowl of dal bhat to be found on every traditional cafe menu, you won’t be alone, but it’s time to think a little further...

The food scene here has always been deeper and more vibrant than the average traveller gets to see, but this is changing, and there are an increasing number of exciting ways to experience innovative Nepalese dishes that taste beyond the ordinary.

From flavour-bursting momo dumplings to tender lamb curry, here are some ways to learn about and experience diverse and delicious Nepali cooking:

Slow dining at Krishnarpan

The Krishnarpan is located beyond the elegant courtyards, and within the heritage architecture of one of our favourite Kathmandu properties: Dwarika’s Hotel.

Rock up early to enjoy a drink in the grandeur of the peaceful open spaces, surrounded by intricately-carved wooden treasures from Newari history.

The menu ranges from six to 22 courses, each offering an innovative take on traditional dishes, masterfully created using seasonal produce from the restaurant’s organic farms.

This is, without a doubt, Nepali cuisine at its finest, and well worth treating yourself to.

Learn to cook with locals

The Community Homestay Network offers you the chance to learn to cook with locals throughout Nepal, and to stay with local families too, if you wish. 

From momo-making classes to regional Newari and Tauru cuisine, discover how to create dishes and take the opportunity to chat with families in their kitchens as you help prepare meals to enjoy together.

As well as creating taste sensations, these partnerships help create a better future for local communities: your money goes directly to the providers, with 20% placed in a community development fund.

Now we’re cooking!

Organic farms, tea and coffee plantations

Take a gentle stroll through the hilly countryside of Nepal to learn about how local agriculture embraces organic food farming. 

As part of the same network that supports local livelihoods and development, you can visit organic farms, orchards and apiaries in Patlekhet (near the capital), hike through coffee plantations in Sarangkot Pandeli (near Pokhara), and watch the beautiful sunrise over Mount Kanchenjunga before picking the tea leaves on the plantations in the valley of Shree Antu (in eastern Nepal).

Not your typical trekking fare

For those who wish to walk in the Himalayan valleys without all the heavy footfall, the Mountain Lodges of Nepal offer peace, tranquillity and Nepali cuisine that rises high above the usual trekking fare.

Dining at long wooden tables, you can share experiences and sumptuous local dishes, which the highly-experienced chefs prepare using seasonal local produce. 

 With food as fantastic as the views, we promise you a hike to savour.

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