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In our opinion, an important part of any holiday in Sarawak is a visit to a traditional Iban longhouse. Often housing as many as 20 or 30 families within their walls, this traditional form of tribal housing is more of a covered village than one house!

Each family has its own section of the longhouse, often comprising of several rooms, including a kitchen. There is always a large communal area where the various inhabitants will eat and socialise together on a daily basis.

We can arrange overnight stays with an Iban family (and your guide) at a longhouse. Although the facilities are certainly basic, they are safe and clean. Sleeping arrangements vary between longhouses, with guests typically sleeping in the living quarters of their host family, and all accommodation has bathroom facilities. What they lack in amenities they make up for in Iban hospitality and most guests agree that the experience is a true highlight of their holiday!

We Say
Essentials for an overnight stay: 1) a torch 2) the ability to wash in cold water 3) an open mind to a fascinating way of living.


  • Your Accommodation
    • Rooms vary
    • Basic room amenities

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