Sarawak & Sandakan

May is in the transitional period between monsoons, making it a great month to visit Sabah with a good chance of dry weather. Conditions for trekking are amongst their best...
Throughout May the level of rainfall in Sarawak is only slightly higher than in April, making it another great month to visit the western state...more

Burma (Myanmar)

Not much change from last month with May remaining very hot as the mercury reports frankly unnatural figures at times. Visitor numbers start to decline making this month a very agreeable time of year to visit for any serious sun worshippers! Temperatures do tend to start to dip a little towards the end of the month (monthly range from 32 - 38°C) and in reality this is most welcome. The heavy rains are just around the corner so you can expect showers and it is likely, again towards the end of the month, that a breeze will pick up, helping to cool the land...more


In certain years early and mid-May can remain relatively dry, however by the latter part of the month the rainy season is all but guaranteed to be under way across Cambodia. Temperatures remain high, however the rains help break the humidity making life a little more comfortable...more


In certain years early and mid-May can remain relatively dry, however by the latter part of the month the rainy season is all but guaranteed to be under way across Laos. Temperatures remain high and because of this the rain is usually short lived and quickly replaced by blue skies and brilliant sunshine....more


The east coast of the peninsula (Tioman Island, Terengganu, Redang Island and the Perhentian Islands) is now enjoying plenty of sunny dry days, along with perfect sea conditions for snorkelling and diving. Over on the west coast (Penang, Langkawi & Pangkor Islands) the South-West monsoon begins, bringing with it a rise in humidity and slightly heavier rains...more

Sri Lanka

Monsoon winds start blowing in from the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, creating heavy rainfall in the west and along the south coast. Av. monthly rainfall in the region is near to its peak, although you can still expect some dry days especially in the first half of the month.

Beach lovers turn their attention to the east coast with avg temp: 29 °C. Temperatures also remain high in the Cultural Triangle and rainfall is at a minimum (avg temp: 32 °C). To the south, Kandy and the hills of the Tea Country are expecting rainfall below their monthly average... more


The good weather continues across the country, with temperatures likely to stay at their peak.  Across the north and central regions of Thailand, the chance of rain is on the rise, especially towards the end of the month. On the beaches of the south, temperatures remain high however the chance of rain on the west coast increases with the rainy season just around the corner...more


May remains amongst the better months to travel in Vietnam despite it being a slightly mixed bag in terms of weather. The central region is close to its peak whilst the south slowly begins to slip towards its wet season, especially towards the end of the month bring with it a welcome relief from the steamy heat of the past few months.  The north is also starting to see more rain although temperatures are rising as it heads into its hot, sticky summer...more


May is characterised by dry, sunny days and blue skies across the islands, making May one of the best times of year to visit Indonesia. Average temperatures hover around 29°C, with highs of 32-33°C a very real possibility, especially in Sumatra and Sulawesi. Dive conditions around Komodo National Park and the Gili Islands are excellent; as are conditions for climbing the mountain peaks on Java, Bali and Lombok…more


Dry, sunny days and warm average temperatures in the region of 18-19°C make May a good time of year to visit Japan. Spring, and cherry blossom season, finally reaches the northern regions of Hokkaido; whilst in the islands of Okinawa, conditions are positively tropical with average temperatures of 23°C, although rain showers are a possibility in the south during May…more

The Philippines

May in the Philippines ushers in the beginning of the rainy season, with hot, humid weather punctuated by the occasional torrential downpour. Average temperatures range from 23°C to 34°C. The dry, sticky heat is most noticeable in lowland areas, so it’s worth seeking higher ground or heading to coastal resorts such as those scattered around Palawan province...more

South Korea

A strong contender for the best month of the year to visit South Korea, May offers spring blossoms, very little rainfall and mild weather that avoids the humidity and downpours of summer. Temperatures are excellent all over the country, ranging from 8°C to a balmy 17°C in the capital of Seoul. What’s more, by travelling in May you not only miss the rains, but also avoid the crowds that summer can bring...more


It’s getting steadily hotter and wetter in Taiwan by the time May arrives. Average temperatures of 24°C are typical in Taipei, with the possibility of afternoon downpours. The rainy season may be on its way, but May is still considered a good month to visit the lush, towering peaks and National Parks. Temperatures are beginning to even out between the north and south, but in southern regions of Taiwan you can already expect high temperatures that reach over 30°C. It may be inviting beach weather in Kenting but bear in mind that the south is now much wetter than the north, and afternoon storms are common...more


May is a good time of year to visit Bhutan, with comfortably warm weather, and rainfall still fairly low and sporadic. In the high-altitude north, the skies can be overcast, reducing visibility, and the air is becoming distinctly more humid as monsoon season approaches. Light showers should be expected in the afternoon and evenings, but they’re not especially troublesome. The monastic order depart Punakha in May to spend the summer in Thimphu...more


May in Nepal is hot and sunny with temperatures in Kathmandu hovering around 30°C. The pre-monsoon rains cause occasional downpours in the late afternoons which bring refreshing coolness to the air and reinvigorate the lush plants and flowers. At higher altitudes the temperatures are ideal for trekking. Though some days the views can be a little hazy you should have plenty of chances to admire the epic mountain views...more


May is one of the most popular months of the year for a holiday in Tibet, with favourable springtime weather producing stunning mountain vistas. There are no end of trekking opportunities in Everest National Park, around the Holy Lakes, and at the base of Mount Kailash, where the annual Saga Dawa Festival is usually held in May. Daytime temperatures across the country are positively balmy, and the natural scenery at its most glorious. No wonder this is the start of Tibet’s peak travel season...more

Best Asia holiday destinations in May - climate, where to go