Myanmar Family Holidays

Myanmar might seem like an unusual place to take kids, but it has so much to offer: unique culture, screen-free relaxation time and the chance to observe an emerging country as it steps forward. If you are patient, open-minded and looking for a down-to-earth experience, then family holidays in Myanmar are well worth the challenge.

Inquisitive young minds will be eager to investigate the temples and stupas which dominate the lush landscape around the city of Bagan. Cycling is a popular way to get between temples and, as child-sized bikes aren’t widely available, many have a child seat behind the rider and older children can hire small adult-size bikes. E-bikes (like small mopeds) are a popular choice, as they are fun to ride and won’t tire you out.

Inle Lake is a well-loved spot and has built up a thriving hospitality industry making for smooth holidays with children in tow. This stunning stretch of water, peppered with fishing boats and lined with busy villages, provides a balance between luxury resort relaxation and authentic cultural experience; children will love the boat trip to the unusual floating vegetable garden!

Conservation is getting a higher profile within Myanmar as it opens up, and the Green Valley Elephant Camp is an inspirational way for kids to get up close to elephants in their natural environment and learn about the vital conservation of the ecosystems around them.

The Mergui archipelago is only just starting to welcome tourism so facilities are sparse and visits here best suited to families with older children, but chartering a boat to explore this fascinating region will provide an experience to equal the very best adventure tales. Sailing through crystal blue waters, diving over reefs, exploring remote islands teeming with exotic wildlife and meeting the Moken sea-nomads will be family memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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Highlights of a family holiday in Myanmar

  • Show your children one of the world's most fascinating countries as it gets to grips with issues that are relevant to all of us
  • Experience the authentic smiles and hospitality of a truly welcoming population
  • Myanmar is fast changing and the sooner you visit the more of the striking ancient culture you'll experience

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