South Korea

Our favourite routes through South Korea

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That said, there are optimal routes - paths which connect a country’s highlights, and itineraries that we’ve tried and tested over decades of travel in Asia.
You’ll find a selection of our favourite journeys below. Each works perfectly ‘out of the box’, but please don’t feel restricted by them, as they can all be adapted to include your preferences or omit the bits you don’t want. After all, it is your holiday!

Compact South Korea

Our Compact South Korea itinerary explores the country’s essential highlights in just over a week. Travelling from the manic metropolis of Seoul, to the seaside city of Busan, via Gyeongju – the ‘museum without walls’, it’s the perfect introduction to this country of contrast.

8 days

Visiting: Seoul, DMZ, Gyeongju, Ulsan, Busan



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Essential South Korea

Delving deeper into South Korea, our Essential itinerary takes in city life, historical sites, cultural treasures and the country’s seasonally-changing natural scenery, with a City of Gastronomy thrown in for good measure.

11 days

Visiting: Seoul, DMZ, Songnisan National Park, Beopjusa Temple, Jeonju, Gyeongju, Busan



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Crossing borders: Korea to Kyushu

The neighbouring countries of South Korea and Japan share many similarities and this itinerary which combines the two will appeal to anyone with an interest in history and culture, natural wonders and food.

10 days

Visiting: Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan, Fukuoka



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