Asia weather & when to go: November


Cambodia is now entering the dry season meaning there will be almost no rain for the next six months. The temperature in November is also just about as ‘cool’ as Cambodia gets, making it a popular time to travel for those wishing to maximise their time at the Angkor Temples (avg temp: 25 °C). With the return of the sunshine, the beaches of Sihanoukville and the entire south coast spring back into life...

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November is a relatively dry month throughout Japan, typified by crisp, sunny days and comfortable temperatures. The ‘koyo front’ continues heading south and it is now the turn of Honshu and central regions to experience the Autumn colours. Favourable weather conditions and picturesque Autumn scenery make November a popular time of year to visit Japan…

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With the dry season now in full swing the chances of rain in Laos is minimal, promising premium travelling conditions throughout the month of November. Temperatures will remain moderate (Luang Prabang & Vientiane avg temp: 24°C, further south avg temp: 27°C) for the coming few months with peak temperatures not expected until March. The waterways of Laos are in full flow, promising some of the best conditions of the year for river journeys across the country...

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The rainy season is already becoming a distant memory and for many November promises the best conditions to visit Burma. Visitor numbers are still relatively low and the temperatures more moderate than the early half of the year, however still expect average high’s of up to 31°C across much of the country. In the highlands and foothills of the east, the temperatures remain lower whilst the south and west coast beaches are returning to their best with resorts now fully open and the plenty of sunshine expected....
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Early to mid-November is a perfect time to visit Nepal. You'll find clear days, warm temperatures in the low 20s and fewer tourists than during the peak month of October. Visibility is excellent, so you'll get plenty of great shots of the Himalayas. Wildlife sightings are pretty much guaranteed, trekking conditions are perfect and you won't get hot and bothered exploring temples. Later in the month winter proper arrives and temperatures tail off quite quickly. It's still a good time to visit, but pack warm clothes for evenings...

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South Korea

Winter has yet to arrive in South Korea so you can enjoy the last of its autumnal glory if you visit in November. There is very little rain and low humidity levels, but you will need to pack a few extra layers as temperatures are beginning to drop. In Seoul the mercury is likely to record a minimum of 7°C and a maximum of 19°C. The hilly interior areas tend to feel a little cooler, whilst the coastal south remains balmy, with Jeju Island typically enjoying temperatures in the range of 15-21°C...

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November can be a rewarding time to visit Taiwan. Taipei’s average temperature is still a very pleasant 21°C, and although the north east monsoon is prone to bring cloud and the chance of thunderstorms to Keelung and the north east coast, the rest of the island is relatively bright and sunny – with spectacular autumn colours a draw, especially in the mountains and Yangmingshan National Park. In the tropical south, it’s still beach weather, with average temperatures around 25°C...

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November weather in Bhutan tends to be more favourable in the first half of the month, when you can expect warmer temperatures to go along with the amazingly clear visibility and verdant foliage. November is a popular time to visit Bhutan as the Black necked crane arrives into the Phobjikha Valley, west of the Black Mountains. The second half of the month sees the onset of winter, with falling temperatures. Snowfall and strong gusts of wind are likely in the north...

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The dry season makes a welcome return from November onwards, and this shoulder month is considered one of the best times of year to visit the Philippines before the big influx of tourists. While you can still expect sporadic rainfall during November, particularly in the north and east of the country such as Luzon and the Visayas, the weather is generally sunny. Temperatures hover around a slightly milder 27°C making trekking and sightseeing more manageable...

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The dry, cooler weather has firmly returned to north Vietnam making November one of the best months to visit. The central regions are receiving the lion’s share of the rain with stormy weather a possibility at times. In the far south it’s a different story with blue skies and sunshine ensuring that the beaches of Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet & Mui Ne are back to their best, a situation that will remain for the coming six months. Good conditions for adventure activities continue in the mountains of the north and also return to the Central Highlands...

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Sarawak & Sandakan

Throughout November rainfall continues to increase across Sabah and there is a strong chance of thunderstorms, particularly on the north and east coasts. However there will also still be a number of dry days, most likely to occur in the south... November also sees an increasing amount of rainfall throughout Sarawak and the ever-present possibility of thunderstorms remains, although these are most likely to occur in the late afternoon or evening...

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November sees the arrival of rainy season across the islands of Indonesia. Skies are predominantly overcast, with the daily possibility of rainfall and even the occasional thunder storm, especially towards the end of the month. Despite overcast skies, average daily temperatures remain a warm 28-29°C, although as November rolls on the highs of 32-33°C that were common in previous months become less frequent and days become cooler...

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This is the start of the peak season for the beaches and islands along the west coast so expect blue skies and minimal rain. Over on the east coast, the deterioration in weather and sea conditions mean that alot of hotels and resort will close – re-opening in March...

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Sri Lanka

In the west and along the southern coast, the rainfall starts to decline as the south-west monsoon blows itself out. The unsettled weather of the past two months also fades and plenty of sunshine is expected.

Up in the hills the rainfall remains high and the evenings continue to be chilly. Further north in the Cultural Triangle, the temperature drops slightly and rainfall is high, although travel amongst all the main sites is still very possible. In the north and along the east coast, rainfall is also on the increase, making November one of the wettest months of the year country-wide...

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Rain should be beginning to become a distant memory by November, especially later in the month. Humidity is now also out of the picture as temperatures remain relatively low, especially in the north (avg temp: 23 - 26°C). For beach lovers, the best weather will be on the western side of the peninsular with the monsoon now behind us and the bright dry days returning. It’s a different story on the east with higher rainfall expected on Koh Samui and its neighbours...

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November is not a bad time of year to visit Tibet, although you should keep in mind that snow can frequently affect travel arrangements. While temperatures drop significantly during the winter months, the skies are crystal clear, promising superb views. In cities at lower altitudes, such as Lhasa, it can still be quite comfortable, and you tend to get a more authentic experience with few other visitors around...

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