The Mudhouse

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No electricity, outdoor showers, walls made of mud (literally), in the back of beyond, no air-con and miles away from civilisation as we know it… and we love it. The creation of a mad man or a genius, we can’t quite decide - perhaps a well balanced combination of the two - The Mudhouse is a ‘marmite’ type of retreat… you’ll either get it, love it and adore it, or you’ll quickly slip away in search of a few more creature comforts!

Comprising of several clusters of mud-walled houses, one of which sits on stilts above the ground, your stay at The Mudhouse will be a peaceful, calm, mainly alfresco experience. The ‘décor’ is locally sourced: tree roots, log tables, bamboo wind chimes - you get the idea.

The outdoor bathrooms also take advantage of their natural surroundings, complete with showers cut into tree branches, although toilets are, you'll be pleased to hear, indoors. There are extremely comfortable beds and day loungers, both complete with mosquito nets, and an abundance of hammocks within easy reach whenever it all becomes a little too strenuous.

The three clusters are well spaced, ensuring privacy and solitude for those that want it. Kumar, the part-owner of this imaginative camp, is always in the background suggesting local activities to try out, ranging from cycling and kayaking to local temple visits and impromptu cooking classes. The Mudhouse is, notably, just over an hour away from Wilpattu National Park, making it an excellent place to combine with a safari.

We Say
Perhaps the finest eco retreat in Asia, in part because it doesn’t claim to be one, it just is. The Mudhouse employs and involves local villagers at all levels; building work is carried out in a highly responsible manner; there’s no electrics, just solar-powered torches; and who needs air-con when the cooling breezes are more than adequate.


Pahaladuwelweva, Anamaduwa

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  • Your Accommodation
    • 5 'clusters'
    • Wonderfully 'bespoke' room amenities!
    • No air-con
  • Eating & Drinking
    • Restaurant
    • Picnics
  • Leisure & Relaxation
    • Lakeside location
    • Bird watching
    • Cycling
    • Kayaking
    • Cookery lessons
    • Organic farm
    • Dolphin watching

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