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“Every city has its food heroes and our home city of Brighton is no exception. It should come as no surprise that all ours hail from the east, or at least the food that they create does…”

Nick, Selective Asia’s founder

Whether sharing a joke with a Bangkok street vendor as we tuck into a batch of hot khanom krok, or chatting over an open kitchen with the chefs preparing show-stopping New Delhi thalis, we meet some amazing people on our travels and love learning their stories through the food they create. Away from home, we’re all less inhibited, we ask more questions, and our journeys are richer as a result.

Each of us has dishes which are particularly close to our hearts, from steaming bowls of pho that bring back memories of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, to fragrant curries that contain all the spice and heat of an evening on the backwaters of Kerala. Discovering these evocative flavours in our home town is very special, whether in faithful recreations of traditional dishes, or when those flavours have inspired something totally new and wonderful. We wanted to tap into our natural traveller’s curiosity, and throw a spotlight on the unwritten stories of the chefs raising the bar of Asian-inspired dining in Brighton.

We’ve chosen 7 of our stand-out favourites for this Selective Bites guide. We know their food intimately, and the restaurateurs by their welcoming smiles, but could never have imagined the fascinating variation of stories we’d hear during these past weeks. Spending time with the culinary geniuses who create our favourite meals has been a huge privilege and just as much fun.

We’re honoured and proud to champion each of them, and hope you enjoy their food as much as we do. Trust us, you’re in for a treat.

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