Myanmar Holidays

This is not a destination for those who’d rather stick to a fortnight of cocktails and massage by the pool, but if you're looking for an authentic travel experience, a holiday in Myanmar offers culture, tradition and awe-inspiring scenery in abundance, from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bagan, to the imperial architecture of Mandalay, and the gleaming pagodas of Yangon.

Away from its cities, the country boasts astonishing natural beauty, and rural communities with traditions maintained over thousands of years. To the north, the Shan State’s green mountains and pastoral plateaux are home to farming tribes, with homestays and wilderness trekking to tempt all abilities, and Inle Lake’s crystal clear waters are dotted with stilt-villages and floating gardens. Far to the south, the virtually deserted islands of the Mergui Archipelago are home to the sea-dwelling Moken tribe, known for extreme free-diving and their instinctive knowledge of the ocean.

It’s important to know that Myanmar is going through a crucial transition - a time of social and political change. Tourism here is still very much a work in progress, and far from being as polished as it is in neighbouring countries. We examine our hotels and experiences in Myanmar as thoroughly as we do in our other destinations, and you'll always get the best available - it just might be a little eccentric. 

You may also need to be patient with the country's infrastructure, which has not been modernized. It all makes for an authentic Asian travel experience, but can raise questions from honeymooners, who often want straightforward luxury after months of wondering 'will my wedding will go to plan?'. We think a honeymoon in Myanmar is an excellent choice if you're a flexible, adventurous couple, hoping to use your imminent marriage as an excuse to take the trip of a lifetime (and we won't judge you for that!).