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The Cameron Highlands

Crisp air, forested hills and rolling fields define Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, and many visitors head there to escape the muggy summer heat. A 4-hour drive from KL, at an altitude of over 4,700 feet, the area’s cooler climate is ideal for growing flowers, fruits, and tea, as well as enjoying simple comforts and rural downtime. Sip locally-grown infusions with fresh strawberries on the side, visit out-of-the-way villages, and hike through the jungle to see some of the area’s diverse flora.

Three things to do in the Cameron Highlands

Obviously there's a lot more, this is just to get you started...

Cool off at a traditional tea plantation

You really can’t visit the Cameron Highlands without getting involved with the tea. Tea fields cover the region’s hillsides, and you can visit working plantations to learn about the growing and harvesting process. You may even have the opportunity to join in with the tea picking yourself, before enjoying a fresh brew or two on a shady terrace. And maybe a few scones and jam too. And sandwiches. And probably cake…

Cameron islands tea plantation

Feel floral amongst high-altitude gardens

The higher altitude and cooler climate of the Highlands makes them ideal for growing fruits and flowers usually found at more temperate latitudes, such as lavender, strawberries and roses. Breathe in the scent of hundreds of rose varieties at specialist gardens, try a spoonful or two of lavender-infused ice cream and, from May to September, treat yourself to a few pick-your-own strawberries at one of the hands-on fruit farms.

Cameron Highlands gardens strawberry

Trek through a fantasy forest

Aside from the fields of cultivated flora, the forests of the Cameron Highlands are peppered with unusual plant life, including the rare Rafflesia which produces the largest individual flowers on earth and has a scent that, apparently, mimics rotting flesh. Keen hikers can make their way up to the slopes of Mount Batu Brinchang - the trail takes you through the Mossy Forest whose gnarled trees look like they’ve stepped straight out of a fairy-tale.

Cameron highlands forest

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