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Pangkor Laut Resort

Private island, 4 hours from KL

Many have heard of the Pangkor Laut Resort without knowing exactly where it is, which demonstrates the sort of mystique it has amongst travellers. Some visitors even arrange their whole itinerary entirely around a stay on this private island resort. The hotel is surrounded by tropical rainforest splendour, with the resort poking through the trees at intervals and on stilts into the sea. Only a small part of the island is developed, the majority is still jungle, and the whole set up is extraordinarily idyllic. 

The villas scattered over the island including overwater bungalows and spacious cottages set in tropical gardens. The wildlife may make itself known during your stay; be sure to put away any valuables as local monkeys sometimes collect them! The facilities are out of this world, particularly the spa which is considered amongst the world’s finest. For something extra special, there are private estates set completely apart, which are perfect for extended families.


On an idyllic private island, just 4 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur plus a 20-minute boat transfer, this peaceful resort is a world away from the city bustle.

A little more detail

  • World-class spa

  • Jungle trekking & sea fishing

  • Private beach & water sports

  • Ocean-side pool

From a client…

Probably the best hotel we have ever stayed at. All five days were wonderfully memorable.

Image gallery

Sea view villa at Pangkor Laut Resort
Sea views at Pangkor Laut Resort
Villa in jungle at Pangkor Laut Resort
Jungle villa at Pangkor Laut Resort
Villa with pool at Pangkor Laut Resort
Pool villa at Pangkor Laut Resort
Chef at Pangkor Laut Resort
Dining at Pangkor Laut Resort
Bar at Pangkor Laut Resort
Bar at Pangkor Laut Resort
Swimming pool at Pangkor Laut Resort
Infinity pool at Pangkor Laut Resort
Dining on the beach at Pangkor Laut Resort
Beach dining at Pangkor Laut Resort

Why we love it

Discover what to expect from staying at Pangkor Laut Resort

Unspoilt island

The resort is a tropical dream and the sort of escape that many of us create in our minds over the dark winter. We defy even the most jaded jet setter to not be wide eyed at the scale of beauty the resort showcases. Lush forest full of animals, the sounds of the jungle at night, the world class food, the unending attention of the friendly staff, and walking trails through the jungle...

Aerial view of Pangkor Laut Resort

What can you do there?

Choosing to stay on a private island means your days will be primarily filled with slow relaxation. However, the great thing about Pangkor Laut is that when you tire of the pool, your spacious villa, fine dining, the spa and Emerald Bay Beach, there are other options. 

Enjoy a little light adventure with a daily guided walk through the jungle, ending with a swim at Emerald Bay. Embark upon a sunset cruise, or hire a kayak or paddle board and set out on an aquatic adventure from the beach.

Couple kayaking at Pangkor Laut Resort

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