For many who visit Singapore, the city is nothing more than a stopover point - a convenient destination to break the long flight home, and perhaps squeeze in some good shopping. What a waste!

Many of you will have heard about how well organised and clean this island city is, but visitors who take the time to dig a little deeper, and perhaps stay a second (or third and fourth) night, will be rewarded with a truly multi-cultural destination full of flavour, culture, and great cuisine.

In many ways, Singapore is the perfect introduction to Asia. There are a number of non-stop flights from cities across Europe, the city is extremely well kept, there is an excellent transport infrastructure, and a range of hotels to suit all budgets. Thanks to the mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures (to name a few) you can be assured of plenty of variety during your stay in Singapore.

What to do in Singapore

  • Eat, as much as you can handle. The variety of food here is exceptional, and delicious - a fusion of cuisines from all over South-East Asia and beyond, and available to everyone, no matter what their budget, from the hawker stands to be found on every street corner, to some of the world's finest-dining restaurants. The street hawker stalls are surely the most hygienic on the planet, and you can eat like a king for a pound or two. One local delicacy to seek out is the iconic Chilli Crab.
  • A new addition to Singapore’s array of attractions is Gardens by the Bay. You can easily spend a day exploring the impressive bio-domes, walking through the Heritage Gardens and marvelling at the super-trees.
  • Visit a museum or gallery - there's one for every interest. The stately National Museum is the oldest, and showcases the country's rich history and culture.
  • Along with Singapore Zoo's Night Safari and the city's Formula 1 race track, the city is also known for its world class shopping malls, many of which can be found along Orchard Road. If this all seems a little too organised, then be sure to search out Little India and China town for some hectic bartering action.

Dates to watch

  • April-May: the first of the year’s foodie sensations. The World Gourmet Summit is a showpiece of the world's leading chefs and vintners. Expect special classes, taster stalls and some seriously good cooking.
  • July: it’s a taste sensation at the Singapore Food Festival. All the cuisines that make Singapore such a world class gourmet destination combine at this culinary carnival.
  • September: watch the Singapore Grand Prix, with F1 cars racing under floodlights through the streets around Marina Bay. Join the 80,000 strong crowds supporting this unique event.
  • Between August and November, three of Singapore’s biggest cultural festivals fill the calendar. Hari Raya Aidilfitri (20th September), the Mid Autumn Festival (3rd October) and Deepavali (15th November). All three offer a great opportunity to see multi-cultured Singapore at its very best.
  • Summer (May-June) – shoppers shouldn’t miss the Great Singapore Sale. With prices on the famous Orchard Road considered a bargain year-round, the cost of shopping drops even further for two entire months.

Weather in Singapore

Although you can travel to Singapore throughout the year, the best season is between October and March.

Outside of these months, and when outside the malls or your hotel, be prepared for sweaty heat and the occasional downpour.

Flying via Singapore?

It is more than likely that you will be flying with Singapore Airlines, which has excellent links to Indochina, Thailand, Indonesia and Borneo. For most destinations the airline offers a good connection, meaning you do not require an overnight stop; however, there are exceptions.

Alternatively you may simply decide that you would like to take the opportunity to visit another Asian destination, and Singapore is always a great option.

Selective Asia in Singapore

Whilst we certainly consider ourselves to be true Asia specialists, we do have a selection of destinations that we operate in far more than the others. Many of our Destination Specialists have spent time in Singapore - one has even lived there. However, we do not have a local office on the island. That said, along with the expert advice we can offer, we also arrange hotels, touring and transfer services through a very experienced and reliable local partner who has acted on our behalf for many years.


Capital: Singapore

flight time

Flight time from UK: 13 hrs


Currency: Singapore dollar

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Singapore is so much more than cheap cameras and a bed for the night!

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