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Low Touch Travel

Selective Asia's unique concept Low Touch Travel focuses on reducing the number of overall number of touchpoints you make during your holiday, whilst still ensuring that you still get a complete flavour of your chosen destination. Discover more in the video below.

Over the past few months, the SA team have been busy redesigning the way that we work and how we operate our holidays. Along with booking flexibility and financial clarity to help you travel with confidence, assessing how best to control hygiene factors in our vehicles, and across our touring programmes and partner hotels, lodges and boat network; we have also been busy developing an alternative way of travelling, one that is ideal for travellers that wish to take a more cautious approach to their next trip: Low Touch Travel. Of course you can still travel on our existing style holidays, which will also follow strict hygiene and safety controls, but with more touch-points.

We’ve carefully identified specific locations, Low Touch Hubs, as suitable bases for extended stays. Handpicked by our Specialists for their favourable logistical proximity to many other places of interest that can easily be reached on day trips. This approach ensures that you will continue to travel in the familiar Selective Asia way but with lower risk, as you will need fewer changes of hotel rooms, vehicles and guides.

Slow(er) travel

Something we’ve long advocated as a way to enhance your travels is reducing the number of stops and giving each sufficient time to allow you to explore beyond the obvious highlights.  It’s often a matter of compromise, as trying to include everything usually results in a frenetic holiday without time to pause and reflect. So our Low Touch Travel approach also means there will be a slower, more immersive pace.

Minimising your impact on the environment

We already take great care to minimise the impact our holidays have on the environment and local communities. But by slowing the journey down and reducing the number of overnight stops, the economic benefit to the places we visit will increase, while the impact on the environment will be reduced, win-win.

Family-friendly approach

If you’re willing to compromise on the amount of places you can fit into your holiday, you’ll be able to have a more relaxed, slower travel experience - with a lot less packing and unpacking too.

How does it work?


Fewer hotel rooms, changes of vehicles and number of guides. 


Carefully selected hotels for their suitability for longer stays and geographical proximity to key highlights.


Your private guide will safely introduce you to their country. Our local & UK teams will be on hand 24 hours a day in case of unexpected events.