Asia weather & when to go: December


Throughout December you can expect excellent weather conditions throughout the country, with blue skies, little or no rain and relatively cool temperatures (avg temp: 26 °C). This is amongst the most popular months to travel in Cambodia thanks to the temperate climate making long days at the Angkor temples far more manageable.
The beaches on the south coast are in full bloom with chances of rain extremely unlikely...

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It’s the same story as for November, with the dry season now in full swing the chances of rain in Laos is minimal, promising premium travelling conditions throughout the month of December. Temperatures will remain moderate (Luang Prabang & Vientiane avg temp: 24°C, further south avg temp: 27°C) with peak temperatures not expected until March. The waterways of Laos are in full flow, promising some of the best conditions of the year for river journeys across the country...

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The rainy season is now a distant memory with excellent conditions expected throughout Burma. Rainfall is unlikely and despite being one of the coolest months of the year, you can still expect average high’s of up to 31°C across much of the country. In the highlands and foothills of the east, the temperatures are at their lowest with average highs of 24°C and appropriate clothing is required, especially at night. The south and west coast beaches are back to their best with resorts now fully open and plenty of sunshine expected...

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By December the weather in the Philippines has typically calmed down considerably. The cool dry season is here, marking the beginning of peak holiday season. Though the Eastern Visayas continue to see heavy rain throughout this period, in the northern, southern and western regions of this immense archipelago it is much more pleasant. Temperatures around the country in December average 22°C, lower still in the highlands and mountains, making trekking far more easy going and relaxing on the beach particularly enjoyable...

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Sri Lanka

Along the western and southern coasts the rainfall continues to decline as south-west monsoon fast becomes a distant memory. As the recent unsettled weather fades away, plenty of sunshine and dry days are expected as peak beach conditions returnUp in the hills the rainfall also drops slightly, although it’s still wet and evenings continue to be chilly. 

Further north in the Cultural Triangle, rainfall is still high, although the peak figures of the previous month should have dropped considerably, especially by the end of the monthIn the north and along the east coast, rainfall continues to be high...

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Although the north east coast is stormy and cloudy in December due to the effects of the monsoon, the rest of the island is enjoying favourable weather conditions, making December a good time of year to visit Taiwan. In the tropical south it’s still very much beach weather, especially in the furthest reaches such as Kenting...

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Rain will now be a distant memory across much of Thailand with bright weather more the order of the day. Temperatures remain relatively low across the north with Bangkok and the centre a couple of degrees higher. For beach lovers, the best weather will be on the western side of the peninsular although rainfall is also sharply decreasing on the east meaning that by Christmas you can choose your island freely...

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It continues to be good news for much Vietnam with optimum conditions in both the north and south, as well as an improving situation in central regions as the rains start to decrease. The pick of the beaches remain Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet & Mui Ne, and towards the end of the month Nha Trang becomes a good option again. In the mountains and highlands good conditions continue although temperatures are low, especially at night...

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December is one of the driest months of the year in Japan, typified by crisp, sunny days and minimal rainfall throughout the country. Apart from the southern islands of Okinawa, average daily temperatures sit below double figures and drop dramatically in Hokkaido where snowfall is common during the month, heralding in the start of ski season…

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The good news continues along the west coast with plenty of sunshine and blue skies expected throughout December. Over on the east coast the North-East monsoon brings heavy rain and stormy conditions almost daily...

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December is a good time to visit Nepal, if you come ready for some colder weather. Snow at higher altitudes makes high level hiking inadvisable, but lower level trails are very walkable and wonderfully tranquil. It’s one of the driest months of the year, so the skies are clear and the visibility excellent. You'll be rewarded with ideal wildlife viewing conditions and ambient temperatures in the high teens for exploring historic sites like Patan's Durbar Square. Do pack warm clothing though as even on the plains temperatures drop towards zero at night...

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December is a pleasant time of year to visit Bhutan if you’re prepared to cope with the cold temperatures, which are particularly low in the evenings and at higher altitudes. Heavy snow in some remote areas can make travel difficult. The skies remain sunny and clear however, and in the south, the east and the valleys, temperatures tend to be a lot milder. Gale force winds hurtle through high mountain passes to make your teeth chatter, but it’s more than worth enduring them for the views...

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South Korea

Winter in South Korea can get very cold indeed. Thankfully, although snow can be expected all over the country, it tends to be a dry winter with very little rainfall. Whilst December is nowhere near as cold as the depths of winter in February, you can expect some freezing temperatures, with Seoul often recording lows of 0°C. At its warmest, the capital will typically only reach 11°C during December. In the hilly interior, temperatures can be lower, whilst on the southern coast things remain more welcoming, with Jeju Island ranging from 10-16°C...

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December is a good option for a low-season holiday in Tibet. It’s cold at night, bone-chillingly cold, in the highest altitudes such as around Mount Everest National Park, but in Lhasa, the capital, the weather can actually be quite inviting and there is still plenty to see and do. Expect pin-sharp mountain panoramas on clear days, and powerful UV rays that will need to be countered with regular applications of suncream and a hat...

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Sarawak & Sandakan

The number of dry days in Sabah increases as we enter December, although there is a strong chance of thunderstorms, particularly on the north and east coasts. However there will also still be dry spells, most likely to occur in the south... Rainfall is high throughout Sarawak and the ever-present possibility of thunderstorms remains, although these are most likely to occur in the late afternoon or evening...

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Rainy season is now in full swing across the islands of Indonesia, as December is one of the wettest months of the year throughout the region. Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms can be expected across much of the region: Bali and the Nusa Tenggara islands are the pick of the bunch, where the rain is not constant and intense bouts of rain are punctuated by sunshine. Average daily temperatures hover around 27-29°C…

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