Our Policy on Wildlife Projects and Sanctuaries

Like most lovers of wildlife, our ideal would, of course, be a world in which all animals and wildlife experiences were just that – wild. The reality, however, is those days are gone and the region is unfortunately littered with parks, camps, zoos, and even “tiger temples”. Sadly, many of these are run by organisations and individuals who have little interest in the welfare of animals and whose motivation is exclusively centered on visitor numbers and chasing profit.

Having said that, there are still authentic and wholly responsible wildlife experiences to be enjoyed in Asia and, although these have become increasingly rare, you can - with the correct research and expert advice - still enjoy the natural world and much of what it has to offer. 

We admit that in the past we have offered what we now, unfortunately, know to have been less than acceptable experiences but we have learned from this and our criteria for inclusion has been significantly strengthened. The reality is that many people want to see and interact with animals on their travels. That is why we invest considerable time to develop on-going research and rigorous audits to help ensure a vetted and carefully chosen selection of wildlife-based experiences can be a part of the holidays we create.

We fully appreciate this can be an emotive subject – and rightly so. We hope, therefore, the following will allow you make an informed decision as to whether you want to include an animal or wildlife experience as part of your trip:
  • We believe tourism - when controlled, operated and managed responsibly - plays an essential role in the preservation of the Asian elephant and other endangered species.
  • We offer wildlife camps and experiences only when we’re entirely satisfied with their management and operational procedures (and we stringently monitor them).     
  • We know responsible, well-run camps play an important part in wildlife conservation and education.
  • We believe ethical camps have a vital role to play in supporting local communities.
  • It is our belief that any tourist focused interactions with animals should be non-invasive and non-riding. However, we are aware that the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp offers elephant riding within its activity programme. Our reasoning behind still offering this camp is covered in some detail below, but we’d be very happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • And, finally, we work closely with local partners and talk regularly to our clients to monitor and review what is offered and, where necessary, we work with those partners to address any issues of concern that may arise.

Wildlife Policy FAQs

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