Travel in Thailand: An introduction

There's a simple explanation for why people travel back to Thailand time and time again - this is a country that offers it all, the original Asian traveller’s paradise

Thailand is a country of scenic mountains, tropical rainforests and pristine white beaches. For many years agriculture was Thailand's leading employer but from the 1980s a fast-growing economy attracted large numbers of previously rural Thai people to the expanding industrial and services sectors. The city's grew at an incredible rate and so did the tourist numbers.

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However, the bubble burst in 1997 with the south-east Asian financial crisis. Stock and property prices plummeted, dragging down the currency and leading to bankruptcies, recession and unemployment. In recent years the country has bounced back and Thailand is now not only one of Asia most powerful economic centres once again, it's also one of the world's most popular travel destinations.

Thailand boasts world-class beaches, fantastic National Parks and a great travel infrastructure. Thai cuisine is known throughout the world for its use of hot, sweet and sour spices and its people are known for their positive nature and their smile.